College move-in day is just a few weeks away, and, if you're anything like me, you probably haven't given a lot of thought as to what you're bringing with you.

Moving away from home can be scary, but what's more overwhelming is the lengthy, expansive, sometimes daunting list of college dorm room supplies. Scour the internet for more than five minutes and you'll find list after list of hundreds of dorm 'necessities.'

I'm off to my first year of college in a few weeks, and I've done a lot of research on everything a well-prepared college student will need, from the necessary to the fun, and everything in between. This is a list of tips compiled from friends, family, and anyone else willing to give their two cents on the formidable task of packing for college.

So, take it from me- you don't need to pack up your entire life and bring it with you to your tiny dorm room. Keep it short and sweet; remember, you'll most likely be living with two, three, maybe even four other people, so stay courteous and ere on the side of minimalism.

Prepare to leave your 40-piece fall wardrobe and your favorite knickknacks at home- whether it's your first time away from home or your fourth, here's 20 actual dorm room absolute necessities that'll help you survive your first semester at college.