At night, a bicyclist needs to be highly visible to all motorized vehicles, particularly those coming up from behind. A bright, dependable, eye-catching taillight isn’t just a good idea — it’s a necessity.

The Radbot 1000 Tail Light from Portland Design Works fits the bill. The Radbot’s concentrated 1-watt red LED light, as bright as an automobile taillight, is projected by a large built-in precision reflector more than 500 feet away (thereby meeting strict EU visibility standards).

You can set the light in three different modes designed to catch the attention of drivers approaching from behind: the blinking zZz pop and cornea blitz modes, or the big-and-bright rock steady mode.

The Radbot is housed in a water-resistant case, has a conveniently placed on/off/mode switch, runs on two AAA batteries for up to 30 hours, easily attaches with included mounting hardware — both Stayputnik quick release and Rack — to your seatpost and weighs a mere 2.2 ounces.

It comes with a lifetime PDWarranty. $29.

In Sonoma County, Portland Design Works products are carried by Trek Store of Santa Rosa.