When we shared the news that Michelle Marie's Patisserie in Montgomery Village was closing, readers were devastated.

For almost 30 years, people have flocked to the business, excited to plan a custom cake for a big day or just grab a cup of coffee on a Sunday.

But amid the sadness, readers also shared some of their favorite menu items and memories from over the years.

For Cristin Coleman, who now lives in San Francisco, Michelle Marie's holds a special place as her first place of employment.

During Coleman's time there in high school, Marie entrusted her with a floor manager position. "I had a goal: to buy my dream car — a green, 1999 Volkswagen Jetta aptly named Mary Jane," Coleman wrote. "I'll never forget when Michelle gave me personalized license plates, so I could hit the road for UC Davis in style. As a teacher turned school principal, not a day goes by that I don't draw upon the countless lessons Michelle taught me."

She said Marie instilled in her important life lessons, such as the importance of punctuality "Don't you dare show up late to deliver a wedding cake!"

"Beyond all of this, Michelle was one of my earliest examples of a strong woman — a woman who had a dream, worked hard and ran her own show," Coleman said.

"She treated her employees like family, but held the line to ensure her business was successful. While many will fondly remember the Snickerdoodles and 3-inch Chocolate Overload cakes, my heart will always hold space for Michelle Marie's and all the growing up I was lucky enough to do behind that bakery counter," she said.

From fond memories of beautiful, decadent wedding cakes to reminiscing over the savory cafe food, click through our gallery to see what readers says they will miss the most.