When you head out the door for a walk, run, bicycle ride — or any activity where feeling free and unencumbered is part of the pleasure — a wrist wallet can be your best pal. Slip it over your wrist (some people prefer wearing it further up the arm), insert your keys, credit card and a few bucks, and away you go.

A little research turns up a dozen or more wrist wallets on the market, but only one brand has an enthusiastic following: the Banjees Wrist Wallet by Sprigs. It’s been around for years, and now comes in four different versions to suit specific needs for size and capability.

No matter which one you choose, they’re all made of stretchy polyester and spandex, light in weight, soft on your skin and possess strong YKK zippers. Each style comes in a world of colors and/or patterns, and most are reversible to a different color.

The original Classic Banjee can be worn on wrist or forearm. It has one pocket that can hold keys, cash, cards, ID, Fitbits and iPods. $14.95.

One pocket of the Two Pocket Banjee has a secure zipper to hold keys, cash, etc. The other pocket is hooded, allowing for easy opening and insertion of a smartphone up to 5.5” (with a slim case). When the hood snaps back into place, the phone is safe and secure, and easily accessible. This case also has an outlet for headphones. $19.95.

There is also a water resistant Banjee ($19.95), useful for the beach, and a touch mesh Banjee ($19.95) that allows you to use your phone while it’s on your wrist.

One last thing about Banjees: they’re a safe way to keep money and phone handy at concerts and when traveling.

In Sonoma County, Sprigs products are carried in a variety of stores, including REI and Walmart. Available online at www.sprigs.com.