The long-awaited book by Deep Throat, Santa Rosa's own Mark Felt, has finally arrived. And with it has come an opportunity to finally hear from the G-man who helped bring down a presidential administration.

One such opportunity came Tuesday when Felt, the former FBI deputy director, was interviewed by national talk show host Larry King.

It's clear Felt, now 92 and having suffered two strokes, is not the dynamic individual who Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward once called "one tough SOB." But one can't help admire Felt for the job he did on the King show.

His answers weren't particularly illuminating. But they still showed the stubborn independence and deep personal convictions of the man who was the central figure in the Watergate scandal - and managed to keep it a secret for 30 years.

As reporter Carl Bernstein noted Tuesday, Felt showed "remarkable dignity and bearing."

When his identity was revealed in a Vanity Fair article in May, Felt did not give any interviews. It's gratifying to finally hear from Deep Throat himself.