They arrive in boxes, albums and frames, a little ragged and faded. Each

spring, bits of Wine Country history migrate to museums and libraries as

longtime wineries and family members clean out dusty attics and musty bureau


They come from places like Simi Winery and pioneering wine families such as

the Nagasawas and Vercellis - private photographs that candidly tell a visual

history of Wine Country as seen through the eyes of its founders. But these

are not mere snapshots from a bygone era; they are important historical

artifacts from the early 1900s that trace the rise, the fall to Prohibition

and the resurrection of the people and places that define Wine Country.

From family members to a family of curators, the moments of long-retired

workers and faded vineyards find new life and respect in the collections of

the Healdsburg Museum, Sonoma County Museum, Sharpsteen Museum and Sonoma

County Wine Library.

- Chad Surmick