By MELODY KARPINSKI / Santa Rosa Correspondent

Ginny Scales-Medeiroes is an entrepreneur in multiple disciplines.

A published author, she also spends time working in the marketing industry (she's a public relations consultant) and the electric auto business (she served on the board of directors for ZAP! for two years). She was also recently named one of the top 40 most inspirational people of 2012 by the nationally distributed magazine Gladys.

Her book, "What is Normal?", is loosely based on Scales-Medeiros' rough childhood growing up in a trailer in the backwoods, enduring sexual abuse and bullying at school. Though born and raised in New York, Scales-Medeiros has been a Santa Rosa resident for more than 28 years.

She took a moment to sit down with us and talk about her current endeavors.

What inspired you to write "What is Normal?

Reading Augusten Burroughs' "Running with Scissors" gave me permission to put my tale on paper and started the internal process of someone like me actually writing a book. The "trigger" was headline news of people being bullied with pain so great that they are taking their lives. This was an idea with wings that I allowed to manifest in my life at the right time.

What do you hope to accomplish through and hope people take away from your book?

I hope to inspire and motivate. I would like to reach those that are being picked on or feel like life has not given them the best odds of success. I would like people to get that we are all here with gifts and talents, and we know what they are too. Give them attention and energy, passion will come your way that leads the way for all things possible.

I finished school only through the ninth grade, and neither of my parents finished high school. I was on my own at 15. At 23, I bought my first home on my own. I also had another idea and patented a world class spa product for sunless tanning, which I marketed and sold on QVC.

What advice do you give to people who have suffered similar experiences?

In my book, never is the main character a victim. She uses every experience to expand and attract the right people into her life. "What is Normal?" is fiction based on some true situations. The way the main character Sue responds is real.

Did your experiences cause you to want to give up or work harder?

What I know now, but didn't know then, is this: My personal experiences drove me to constantly try to prove my self or gain some recognition and validation.

Yes, it made me work harder. The acronym for "What Is Normal?" is WIN, and that was always the goal in this novel.

Do you have any future projects in the works?

I am going to see this book as a movie. This is where my energy is going.