As Californians struggle to reduce their water consumption by 15% during this year’s drought, many have devised ingenious ways to do more with less.

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To prime the pump, so to speak, here are some suggestions compiled by New York Times reporter Samantha Storey in a piece called “How to Save Water: the California Way.”

— Shower once a week and use cold water as an incentive to get in and back out again quickly.

— Consider a composting toilet.

— Wear clothes longer between washings.

— Create a backyard vegetable garden that can recycle and reuse the irrigation water.

— Wipe greasy dishes with a compostable paper towel instead of rinsing them, then wash them in a dish pan.

— Use dirty dish water to flush the toilet. Use sudsy rinse water to wash the car.

— Replace weekly car washes with a weekly dusting and a monthly trip to the car wash.

— Skip the car wash altogether, just vacuum the interior. “A dirty car exterior never hurt anyone,” said Linda Dow of Berkeley.