Santa Rosa-based Cookie… take a bite! also received a $5,556 Whole Foods Small Producer Grant in June.

Owner Tracy Mattson started the company in 2011 in a small shared kitchen at the Finley Community Center, rented from the city of Santa Rosa. In 2012, she baked 2,000 cookies a week. Now she makes 4,000 to 5,000.

Moving into a production kitchen of her own helped the company grow astronomically, Mattson said. “This way we don’t really have a cap on our capacity, which is nice.”

The small staff consists of Mattson, baker Andy Hunt and a delivery driver.

Of the grant, Mattson said, “We’re gonna invest it back into our company, into production and efficiency, so we can keep making great quality cookies.”

The company makes cookies in up to 17 flavors using fresh, local ingredients, including vegan and gluten-free options. Lemons come from Mattson’s backyard, for example; oranges from the farmer’s market, butter from local stores. Even the jam is homemade.

“Our cookies won’t last two months,” Mattson said. “They’re about being fresh, not lasting in a time capsule.” For the vegan and gluten-free versions, she said, “There’s no alchemy, just premium ingredients. We find naturally flourless options.”

Cookie…take a bite! distributes to a growing list of locations around the county, but also services pick-up orders and uses farmers markets as its retail outlet. “The one that we’re super excited about is that we’re selling at Broadway Under the Stars in Jack London State Park,” Mattson said. “It’ll be a busy summer.”

For more information, visit or call 291-1785.

Devin Marshall