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Dear Press Democrat readers,

Believe it or not, this year we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Press Democrat website! Our first version,, launched in May 1996. We’ve covered thousands of stories and made plenty of changes to our site since 1996, but through it all, our mission has stayed the same – being Sonoma County’s source for local news online.

At, you have access to all of our stories from the print edition, with added features like videos, photo galleries and breaking news throughout the day. We also have fascinating and insightful blog posts from our newsroom staff and local freelancers.

We know that many of you who read the print newspaper every morning also go to the website to get daily updates throughout the day. We know you like to share stories you enjoyed reading with your friends through email or social media. We also know that more and more of you read our stories on your smartphone or on your tablet.

To better serve that growing audience and give you a better and faster experience on mobile, our team launched a redesigned version of our articles and galleries in December 2015 that will adjust to any device. We’ve worked hard to optimize the reader experience and have a fresh, new look, and we hope you like it too.

As you may have noticed, we have just launched a redesigned homepage for both desktop, tablet and smartphone. With this modernized design, we’ll be able to showcase more of the amazing photos and videos our staff produces, and give you easier access to our latest news, popular columnists and local bloggers.

Have thoughts and ideas on how you want our online coverage to look as news continues to move into the digital age? Send me an email at

Annika Toernqvist

Digital Director

Sonoma Media Investments