On April 18, 1906 a devastating earthquake rattled the San Francisco Bay Area. Santa Rosa was among the hardest-hit towns; more than 100 people were killed in a community of roughly 8,700.

Entire neighborhoods were reduced to rubble and the city struggled for years to rebuild. But Santa Rosans are resilient folk. Structurally sound schools reopened on April 30. “City Hall” reopened as a table on the sidewalk of Hinton Avenue in front of the destroyed building. County officials worked out of a tent on the lawn of the collapsed courthouse.

On April 25, The Press Democrat leased a new building on Mendocino near 5th Street (close to where it stands today), and presses were rolling again by May 1.

April 18 marks the 110th anniversary of this dramatic natural disaster. This gallery explores some of the images of destruction.