A man convicted of felony drunken driving for the third time has been sentenced to six years in state prison, Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch said Tuesday.

William Alexander Andes, 39, was sentenced last week following his third offense, which occurred after he had been placed on probation and ordered into a rehabilitation program. He left that program without permission, Ravitch said in a press release.

The latest charge stemmed from Andes’ arrest by Cotati police, who stopped him after observing his car weaving on Highway 101. Andes denied that he had been drinking, but his blood alcohol level was found to be 0.21 percent, nearly three times the legal limit.

“This defendant was given multiple opportunities by the courts to modify his behavior,” Ravitch said. “Nevertheless, he continued to drive impaired and failed to address his addiction.”

The District Attorney’s Office did not provide information on Andes’ city of residence. Andes’ last known address in the county was in Cloverdale, though records indicate he has lived recently in Vallejo.