A Santa Rosa man was sentenced Friday to eight years in prison for an alcohol related, felony hit-and-run crash late last year that left one woman with life-threatening injuries.

Because of the serious nature of the offense, Thong Thavong, 52, must serve 85 percent of the sentence, said Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch.

Thavong previously pleaded no contest to felony DUI causing injury and admitted to three special allegations related to the injuries he caused in the crash and a conviction he had from 1997, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

“When people make the choice to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol or narcotics, they are responsible for whatever results,” Ravitch said in a written statement.

“Fortunately no one died, but that in no way minimizes the pain and suffering caused by his selfish acts.”

The incident occurred Nov. 1, 2015, when Thavong lost control of his RV and veered off the road and onto a sidewalk near Coddingtown Mall.

Two sisters were out dog walking when the RV came at them.

One of the sisters was able to jump out of the way, suffering only minor injuries. The other, a 55-year-old out-of-town visitor, was struck by the RV and suffered serious injuries.

Thavong fled the scene but was followed by another motorist, police said at the time. The motorist directed police officers to where Thavong had parked in a lot near Macy’s.

In two tests, Thavong’s blood-alcohol level was found to be 0.28 and 0.29 percent.