Jim Belushi drops into Glen Ellen Star for pizza, breaks out harmonica for fans

(left to right) SPARC CEO Erich Pearson, Jim Belushi and publicist Michael Coats at the SPARC event. Photo: Michael Coats


Jim Belushi and his harmonica dropped into the Glen Ellen Star on Sunday night and served up a tasty slice of improv at the front door.

An Instagram video has the actor/comic/musician sporting a Glen Ellen Star cap, clutching a huge, live cigar and making it up as he went on his mouth harp.

“Standing in the street in Glen Ellen,” Belushi sings for a clutch of accompanying admirers. “Big doorman won’t let me in.

“Baby it’s so fine. Yeah, that pizza’s so fine!

“You got to move that man so I can get in and have some fine piz-za.”

Star chef-owner Ari Weiswasser shares that Belushi, who succeeded late brother John as the Blues Brothers partner of Dan Aykroyd, appeared at his place in downtown Glen Ellen fairly late Sunday night, after 10 p.m.

“We obviously accommodated him,” said the acclaimed chef. Lucky for the Star crew, Belushi broke out his harmonica and stepped just outside the door with it and his stogie.

Belushi was with friends earlier in evening performing at a SPARC company event. SPARC is the San Francisco-based cannabis company that recently merged with the Santa Rosa and Sebastopol's Peace in Medicine dispensaries.