Well before the fires struck, a Santa Rosa wholesale-retail florist planned to give away pairs of bouquets today and urge people to keep one and give one to someone who might benefit from the kindness.

Sequoia Floral International has decided there may be a great many people in and around Santa Rosa who’d appreciate a gift of flowers today. So “Petal It Forward,” a special activity of the Society of American Florists, is on.

Anyone able to get to the Sequoia Floral International at 3245 Santa Rosa Ave. will receive two complimentary bouquets. The giveway will be until 4 p.m. or until all the bouquets are gone.

Of course, the recipients can do with the flowers whatever they please.

But it’s not hard to imagine the presentation of a bouquet bringing a smile to someone who has left his or her home, and may have lost it.