From skulls to shipwrecks: 60 years of archaeological finds in Sonoma County

An unidentified man uses a trowel to slowly and safely remove dirt along newly found walls at the Petaluma Adobe in 1962. (Courtesy of the Sonoma County Library)


Sonoma County history is interesting, but its archaeology is enthralling. Archeology helps provide a fuller picture of what life was like way back when.

Two weeks ago the Army Corps of Engineers discovered a Native American obsidian tool while sifting through the ruins of a home destroyed by the October fires. Finds like this are prevalent through Sonoma County where volcanic rock deposits are rich.

From Pomo and Miwok sites to historic adobes to coastal shipwrecks, the past 60 years have unearthed a plethora of interesting artifacts like pottery, weapons and bones.

Click through our gallery above to learn more about some of the fascinating finds of last 60 years.