Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Chairman James Gore is embarking this week on a three-day tour of hurricane-stricken areas in Florida and Puerto Rico as part of an initiative to improve disaster resiliency among counties nationwide. The tour begins in earnest Tuesday in the Florida Keys, where Gore and other participants in the trip organized by the National Association of Counties will hear from local officials about their response to and recovery from last year’s Hurricane Irma.

On Wednesday, participants will tour a resource hub at Miami International Airport from which several government agencies and nonprofits coordinated their providing of services directly to Puerto Rico residents displaced by Hurricane Maria. Gore and the other participants then head to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where Thursday they will meet with local officials and emergency managers and tour sites devastated by the hurricane.

Gore currently serves as chair of the national association’s Resilient Counties Advisory Board, which works to help counties prepare themselves to better withstand future natural disasters. Representatives from the areas visited in this week’s tour are expected to visit Texas and California at a later date.

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