A Clearlake resident was arrested Tuesday morning after police found illegal weapons, including assault rifles and a machine gun, in his home.

Clearlake police used a search warrant at the home of Robert David Cooper, 53, based on information from Fresno police who had arrested him the day before on several firearms violations.

Two AR-15 assault rifles, an automatic Uzi-style machine gun, three handguns and a Taser were found at Cooper's home. Most were found in hidden compartments, according to Clearlake police. High-capacity magazines for both the rifles and handguns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition were also found, as well as a small amount of methamphetamine.

Cooper remained in custody in Fresno County, and the Lake County District Attorney’s Office will add numerous felony charges. Cooper is a convicted felon and registered sex offender and may not lawfully own firearms or ammunition.

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