Sacramento is a city fit for kings, well on the NBA court at least. Now the city appears to be fit for the artist formerly known as Prince, in the form of a stunning artist's tribute to the late musician.

Christine Stein, a Sacramento-based artist, created a mural in her front yard commemorating Prince two years ago. The mural literally bloomed flowery locks for hair when “someone accidentally dropped mulch in front of the mural, bringing extra nutrients to her yard,” Stein told the Sacramento news station KCRA 3.

The recent appearance of flowers is now an Instagram-worthy post for admirers and passerbys alike. The tribute generated quite a buzz on social media, with a stream of snapshots celebrating the touching work of art.

A tweet of a picture of the “Prince Tree” garnered more than 41,000 likes and has since become a Twitter Moment, joining other highly popular posts that have made an impact on the social media platform.

The level of interest over the blooming likeness of the Purple One had Stein take to her Twitter to proclaim, “OMG! I didn’t think my Prince tree would go viral again after 2 years.”

Even in death, the “Purple Rain” star continues to elicit the type of beauty that would even make doves cry.

Stein has no plans to cut down the flowery locks despite the recent presence of bees attracted to the flowers.