Activists protesting Santa Rosa’s policies governing homeless residents disrupted a City Council meeting for the second week in a row Tuesday, but police made no arrests and the meeting resumed after a short recess.

Some of the same activists who were dragged out of the chambers and arrested last week for disrupting the meeting and refusing to clear the council chambers returned to chastise the council for not doing more to help chronically homeless residents.

About 6 p.m. some began chanting “Where should they go!?” and repeatedly yelling “Shame!” Mayor Chris Coursey called a recess and council members filed out. When police officers asked protesters to leave the chambers, they grudgingly complied.

When the meeting resumed, Coursey advised protesters they were “risking arrest” if they disrupted the meeting again.

“This is a meeting of the City Council,” Coursey said. “We’re dealing with all of the citizens of the city and all of the issues of the city. We need to get this business done.”

During lengthy public comment sessions, protesters continued to press their concerns with the council.

“I demand the city of Santa Rosa direct law enforcement to not arrest, cite, punish or harass people for camping on public land,” said Merlin Davis, who was arrested last week. This time, however, he and others abided city rules and let the meeting go on.