Two low‑flying hot air balloons caught residents’ attention in east Santa Rosa Tuesday morning, prompting calls to police after one was spotted with a torn side panel.

Residents were concern about a possible emergency landing. However, the ending was without mishap — both balloons landed safely and no one was hurt, Santa Rosa police Sgt. Dave Linscomb said.

Before that was known, police officers and other emergency responders drove to Bennett Valley, tracking the colorful balloons before finding both reached the ground without incident. One landed in Trione‑Annadel State Park and the balloon with the torn panel touched down in the above Galvin Park, Linscomb said.

Only the pilot was in the balloon with the torn panel. It wasn’t clear Tuesday afternoon how many people were in the second balloon.

Linscomb said the balloons were from Wine Country Balloons.

The company didn’t return messages Tuesday.

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