Two orphaned mountain lion cubs are receiving care at Oakland Zoo’s Veterinary Hospital after being rescued by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

A nine-or 10-month-old male was found in Modoc County in Northern California after its mother was killed under a legal kill order and a female around the same age was found in Lake County on a person’s property.

The two will be permanently placed at an appropriate facility when they are strong enough and have the necessary skills to survive on their own, according to the zoo.

“Returning injured or orphaned wildlife to the wild is always the ideal outcome, but in situations like this – where an animal is too young—placing it back in the wild would be a death sentence,” said Nicole Carion, the department's wildlife rehabilitation coordinator, in a statement.

The Oakland Zoo reports that both cubs appear to be in good health and have become fast friends.

“Once they were in good health they were carefully introduced to each other and are bonding very well, “said Dr. Karen Emanuelson, Director of the Veterinary Services at the zoo.

“We are so pleased that Oakland Zoo was willing and able to play a role in saving the life of these cubs” said Carion.

Check out video below: