Lake County authorities have arrested one man and are looking for three other suspects in connection with a series of forged checks passed in the county.

The four made fictitious checks intended to appear as if they were issued by Rainbow AG and the Travelodge in Clearlake, as well as other businesses outside the county, Sheriff’s Lt. Corey Paulich said Friday in a prepared statement.

Joshua Billy Holden, 24, of Clearlake was arrested on Oct. 19 during a probation search at the residence of another suspect, George Meszaros, 32, on Eureka Avenue in Clearlake. Deputies found several items confirming the production of forged checks, Paulich said.

Meszaros and two other suspects, Maranda Dawn Medina, 38, and Jocia Nicole McCloskey, 34, both of Clearlake, might have fled Lake County, he said. Arrest warrants have been issued for the three suspects.

Authorities think more forged checks may have been passed, Paulich said.

Holden was booked into the Lake County Jail on $100,00 bail.

Anyone who has cashed a bad check is asked to report it, and people in Lakeport or the unincorporated areas of Lake County can call Central Dispatch at 707-263-2690.