After two weeks of frantic searching, Silvia Barrera can smile again.

On Friday morning, the native of Spain and resident of Mexico was reunited with the dog she lost Nov. 19 at a gas station north of Santa Rosa.

Barrera, a scuba-diving instructor, was visiting Sonoma County with two friends two weeks ago when she lost the Chihuahua, Yuki. Barrera took Yuki into the store, became distracted and left the business without her. By the time she and her friends returned to the station, Yuki was gone.

Security-camera video showed a man had scooped the tiny dog into a shopping bag and driven off.

She hired a private detective, who learned that a couple had carried Yuki into a Russian River-area pet store.

The detective identified and contacted the pair, who made clear they intended to keep Yuki. The detective, however, prevailed upon them to give the dog back.

“You cannot believe how happy I am,” Barrera said.