SAN FRANCISCO — A beloved firehouse cat was adopted by the member of the San Francisco Fire Department's ambulance staff, the department said Monday.

Firefighters had taken to social media to ask for support after they were asked to evict their pet cat from their firehouse because of a complaint. Employees at Fire Station 49 in a southern part of the city said they were given a Monday deadline before animal control was called on Edna.

The department said in a statement Monday afternoon that it has had a policy prohibiting animals on its property for more than 20 years and that the removal order was for Edna’s own safety.

The workers said Edna began visiting as a feral kitten and eventually made the station her home.

They said the tortoiseshell cat relieves stress. Photos on the cat’s Instagram account, fire_cat_edna , show firefighters and staff cuddling and petting the station house kitty.