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Newsom’s visit

EDITOR: We heard that Gavin Newsom came to town. We heard that he handed out apples (“Governor pitches in at crisis center,” Oct. 30). What a wonderfully productive visit. We heard that he has a lot of great ideas about PG&E. We sat in the dark for eight days out in Oakmont with a 99-year-old and a 90-year-old. He sure was an inspiration to us.



A saint in our midst

EDITOR: Thank you, Chris Smith, for the well-researched and touching obituary of Evelyn Cheatham (“Chef, champion of at-risk youth dies,” Nov. 2). I had the honor of meeting her when I worked with Catholic Charities and she was volunteering at the family shelter once a week. Cheatham was a treasure and a saint in our midst who made miracles happen. Blessings to her.


Santa Rosa

Trump’s abject weakness

EDITOR: Donald Trump has an innate survival instinct. It doesn’t rely on truth or empirical facts. He embraces those who praise him and rejects all who oppose or criticize him.

Media outlets that disagree with him are “fake.” Politicians who question his leadership are “partisan hacks” or “human scum.” Polls that reveal Americans supporting his impeachment and removal are spurious.

Trump recently threatened to withhold federal assistance to California for battling wildfires. Certainly, California voters’ objections to his leadership influenced that decision.

There are many vacancies in the Trump administration. It is impairing the workings of government agencies. Trump fills positions with sycophants lacking crucial knowledge and experience. Trump sees this as an advantage. Trump prefers acting secretaries who don’t have to go through Senate scrutiny, thereby giving him “more flexibility” — Trumpspeak for less oversight.

The president has always been preoccupied with projecting an image of strength and power. Does he realize that these pathetic acts serve to instead reveal his abject weakness? An ever-increasing number of Americans do.


Santa Rosa

Time for climate action

EDITOR: Since it is now abundantly clear that global warming has adversely affected the world, we must make necessary vital changes in our way of life. The devastating Kincade fire underscores this as a national priority.

It happens that all of the current Democratic candidates advocate a Green New Deal. Nothing is more important than cutting down carbon emissions and increasing the reduction of carbon dioxide in the global atmosphere.

Regardless of who is elected one year from now, this program must be enacted and strictly followed. Our grandchildren and their children and grandchildren demand it. Otherwise we will have more and more destructive floods, hurricanes, rising sea levels and wildfires.


Santa Rosa

Solutions, not blame

EDITOR: Wes Caldwell asserted that the California Public Utilities Commission, not PG&E, is to blame for fires sparked by the utility’s power transmission equipment because the CPUC did not require PG&E to operate safely (“Misplaced blame,” Letters, Monday). I must disagree.

It is certainly true that the CPUC has maintained a cozy relationship with PG&E over the years, extending deadlines for required upgrades and failing to enforce its rulings on safety, but PG&E has utterly failed to fulfill its responsibility to provide energy to the public safely.

To let PG&E off the hook and blame the regulators is little different from blaming law enforcement for failing to prevent a crime and then letting the criminal go free.

The issue here is the responsibility shared by the Legislature, the governor, the CPUC and PG&E to make sure the public gets power safely. Assigning blame to one party won’t lead to solutions.


Santa Rosa

Mencken’s prophesy

EDITOR: There are many things I could say had not the brilliant American writer H.L. Mencken already said it so precisely and succinctly: “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”


Santa Rosa

Unneeded gas station

EDITOR: I would like to call attention to the proposal for a new gas station to be built on the corner of Highway 12 and Llano Road, west of Santa Rosa. I would also like to call attention to the climate crisis we are experiencing and the need to respond.

Investing in a new gas station is investing in infrastructure that we must move away from if we are to quickly make this transition away from fossil fuels. Also, there is no need for a gas station here. There already are seven within a 5-mile radius. Why not put in an electric car charging station?

There are many reasons to be against this gas station. Mostly, it just makes no sense to add gas stations that will only hasten the demise of a livable planet.


Santa Rosa

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