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US to use land mines

EDITOR: Are you paying attention? Donald Trump has lifted the ban on using land mines by our military. Is there anyone in our country supportive of this? We need a bipartisan vote on this now.

Look around at our maimed veterans. Car bombs are land mines. Who will we use them on? What about collateral damage (a wonderful term meant to cover up the killing of women and children)?

Kill my kid or my cousin’s kid, and I will become a terrorist!

But wait, maybe we can use land mines to protect our southern border. If it takes a year to construct 400 miles of wall fence, we can mine the entire border in a couple of months. A few instances of collateral damage, and no one will want to cross!

Think of how many terrorists that would create.

Let us get real and end this madness.


The Sea Ranch

Skilled worker shortage

EDITOR: The lack of skilled workers has been many years in the making (“Tough to build without workers,” Feb. 1). Shop classes closed and added academic requirements for high school graduation. College degrees are all well and good, but our society needs people who are trained to build the things that are used every day. It is hard to imagine ordering a house on Amazon.



Choose Klobuchar

EDITOR: The standards of truth and political behavior acceptable in our national government decline daily. The Republican Party has been reshaped by a shameful president, and I fear he would demolish the four Democratic front-runners.

Voters in a national election won’t buy Bernie Sanders’ and Elizabeth Warren’s “Medicare for All.” The hint of free college tuition and open borders would torpedo their candidacy.

Joe Biden has good political chops, but they have passed their use-by date. In a presidential debate, Donald Trump would make mincemeat of Biden’s deteriorating acuity.

The laser intelligence of Pete Buttigieg is a bright light. His public and military service are solid. But they are too brief and local to stand up in a national presidential campaign.

Amy Klobuchar has an unparalleled record of effectiveness and electability. Her platform is practical with broad appeal. She gained national respect for her nerves of steel in the face of hostile aggression by Brett Kavanaugh in his Supreme Court nomination hearings.

Klobuchar has the smarts we need in a president, the pragmatic agenda we need in a candidate and the electoral skills to beat Trump. So join me in supporting Klobuchar for president.



Republic at risk

EDITOR: Republican senators gave our country to a ruthless president who repeats Vladimir Putin’s propaganda, lies constantly and has refused to admit Russia’s interference in the 2016 election though it was confirmed by 17 U.S. intelligence agencies.

Donald Trump can now do anything he wants. Republican senators have given him unfettered power, and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ensures their complete obedience.

The winners of their dereliction of duty are Putin, Rupert Murdoch, McConnell and Mark Zuckerberg. Russia is attacking us again while cybersecurity bills passed by the House sit on McConnell’s desk where they will stay since Trump won’t sign them.

Murdoch continues to sow chaos on Fox to brainwash Americans with carefully crafted lies that are then believed and repeated by Trump.

Zuckerberg allows propaganda on Facebook from racist groups by refusing to remove so-called “political” posts.

Any country can now make personal deals with Trump to promote its political and financial interests regardless of the danger to our national security.

Sorry, Mr. Franklin and Mr. Jefferson. We are unable to keep our republic. Your greatest fear has come true. We are in the hands of an unhinged monarch. Our only savior will be the patriotism of the American people.



SMART’s shoddy record

EDITOR: SMART has failed to deliver what it promised. Watching seven or eight people sitting on a train anytime outside of commute time upsets me, especially when the taxpayers are supplementing the fare.

SMART “leadership” asks us to continue this farce. The print media supports SMART. Why? I don’t know. Of course, we see letters praising the train going to Larkspur and then the leisurely ride on the ferry to San Francisco to spend the day or a few days in a swanky hotel. Well, maybe they are the seven or eight people riding it in the midday.

The SMART board needs to go back to the drawing board to look at salaries, expenses, anticipated future costs and overruns. Until then, I will be voting no on SMART. I’m tired of seeing the debacle being rewarded for shoddiness.



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