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Translating Trump

EDITOR: I think we could all benefit from a Trump-English Dictionary. It would be simple to create. Just reverse everything he says. “Senate Democrats have screwed things up royally” means his administration is screwing things up royally. “The 9th Circuit Court is in chaos and turmoil” means his administration is in chaos and turmoil. “The dishonest media” means they have been reporting his lies. In this new political landscape, up is down and left is right. This explains why I literally feel dizzy every time Donald Trump speaks.


Rohnert Park

Meaning of holidays

EDITOR: Holidays, such as Presidents Day or Martin Luther King Jr. Day, should be a time to honor the heroes (Washington, Lincoln and King), the institutions (the Constitution and our system of government) and the values (the Declaration of Independence) that have shaped and continue to shape this nation.

Holidays should remind us who we are as Americans and how we arrived at this point in our history, not just another day off from school or work. Holidays are an opportunity to pass on to the next generation and new arrivals the ideas that define this nation. Not a trivial matter.

In our neighborhood, many of us subscribe to Boy Scout Troop 58’s Flag Display Days. Each major holiday morning, yes even in the pouring rain, the Stars and Stripes magically appear on our curb to prompt us to reflect on our American heritage. The foundational ideas that define America must be celebrated and taught lest they fade from view.


Santa Rosa

Natural treasures

EDITOR: Thank you for the article about the Laguna de Santa Rosa, one of Sonoma County’s great natural treasures (“Rain-swollen wonder,” Feb. 16). I would like to encourage anyone who enjoys the laguna, whether by boat or on foot, to bring along a garbage bag, pick up some trash and take it home with you. Every rainstorm washes tremendous amounts of trash from creeks draining throughout the Santa Rosa Plain, much of it making its way into the laguna, the Russian River and out to sea.

Our county is fortunate to have a number of volunteer organizations including the Clean River Alliance, Russian Riverkeeper, Friends of the Laguna, the Surfrider Foundation and others working throughout the year to remove trash from our watershed and beaches, but it’s a never-ending job. Trash is not just unsightly; birds, fish and animals consume it by accident or become entrapped, with deadly results. Please don’t just look at it and say, how awful, somebody should do something.


Santa Rosa

Donald Trump: ‘choir boy’

EDITOR: In my opinion, we as citizens should stop the unseemly practice of vilifying our president. After all, there are political corruption standard-bearers such as Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Maxine Waters who by comparison render our president a “choir boy” in decorum.

Informed voters from both sides of the aisle realize that George Soros has pulled the Democratic Party far left and, in the process, has rendered the Democratic Party radicalized and powerless.

Instead of silencing free speech through violence, maybe the Democratic Party can take the lead in debating existing policies thought to be counterproductive.

Instead of encouraging circumvention of the rule of law, maybe we can propose legislation of value and then vote in new legislation. Democrats can even find a viable competitive candidate for the 2020 general election.

Let’s thank our president for calling out the media for the corrupt propogandizement of the news they offer. Through his skillful use of social media, our president has drawn attention to the media’s penchant for functioning as political operatives for left-wing politicians.

Let’s all think positively. After all, we did survive Barack Obama’s administration. Thus, the American people have proven they can move mountains.


Fort Bragg

Provoking questions

EDITOR: It appears to me that Jim Owen Jr. (“Stifling free speech,” Letters, Tuesday) misunderstands the concept of free speech. If you wear a provocative shirt or carry a banner, definition (provoke) says that you are asking for questions and comments. So what is wrong with asking “are you a racist?” It seems like a legitimate question if you are advertising with your shirt that you want to keep certain people out. I’m not an advocate of illegal entry by anyone, but I sure think asking a question in response to a provocative missive is covered by free speech also.


Bodega Bay

Taxes and priorities

EDITOR: We have yet another boondoggle from our supervisors: a special election costing more than $400,000, proposing cannabis taxation. The proposal is a confusing measure that would allow taxes not only on cannabis retailers but the cannabis farmers’ gross receipts or his land as well. A sales tax on retailers would make sense, but a land tax would necessitate yet another bureaucracy.

Then, the new tax revenue is proposed to go to the general fund to spend any way the supervisors wish. Rather than opening up the door to more spending abuse, this taxing opportunity should target a real voter priority such as road repair and maintenance. Once our roads are restored and proper maintenance programs are established, supplemental tax receipts from this windfall could be targeted to other voter priorities. Such a proposal would pass. I urge a no vote on Measure A.


Santa Rosa

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