You’re forgiven if you didn’t notice, but last week was Made in America week, a Trump administration-sponsored celebration of shotgun chaps from K Bar J leather in South Dakota, horseshoes from St. Pierre Manufacturing Corp. in Massachusetts, Broomcorn Johnny brooms from Indiana and other American-made goods. The Wine Institute contributed wine from California for a White House display that also featured Campbell soup and Chik-fil-A chicken. President Donald Trump posed in a fire engine and tried on a Stetson hat for photographers.

Guess how the Trump Organization marked Made in America week. You’re right if you said applying for visas to hire 70 foreign workers at Mar-a-Lago, the Palm Beach, Florida golf club that served as a regular weekend getaway for Trump during the winter and spring. The club wants to bring in 35 waiters and waitresses, 20 cooks and 15 maids. The visas, offered under a program expanded recently by the Trump administration, are available for construction and tourism workers. They aren’t available, however, for farmworkers despite reports of shortages in California and elsewhere. Guess who isn’t in the farming business? Thumbs down.