It’s rare to have the right person at the right time, with the right skills for the job, and it isn’t often we have the chance for genuine change. But right now we have both, which is why we ask you to join us in voting for John Mutz for Sonoma County sheriff this June.

All of us appreciate the leadership provided by our outgoing sheriff during the recent wildfires. Without a doubt, he stepped up during the greatest disaster we have ever seen and led law enforcement officers throughout the state in keeping our communities secure.

Yet community trust is still strained, and the problems that led to the Andy Lopez tragedy haven’t been addressed. And Sonoma County faces continuing challenges in dealing with the strong-arm tactics of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

We continue to need strong, principled, community-based leadership in our Sheriff’s Office.

Rising from beat cop to station commander, where he led divisions of more than 400 personnel, John Mutz has the skills we need. Over his 40-year career, he’s put together an impressive resume. Of the candidates running, he clearly has the greatest breadth and depth of experience.

But the characteristic that sets Mutz apart is that he’s already proven he has the courage, skills, knowledge and experience to take over on his first day in office. He can begin to make the changes we’ve been waiting for.

In his previous command, Mutz changed the existing system from within. His changes were successful by every metric. His leadership restored trust, provided better officer support, reduced costs and kept people safer.

Mutz has spent the past 15 years training law enforcement leaders to do things differently. Now it’s time to bring his success home to Sonoma County.

Let’s not be fooled by lip service and empty promises. We need a leader with the heart to listen, the understanding to be successful in implementing change and the commitment to see that change through.

There is only one candidate who’s already demonstrated that he can lead our county in the direction we need to go — John Mutz.

Please join all of us in voting for John Mutz for Sonoma County sheriff.

Noreen Evans of Santa Rosa is a former state senator, and Jazmin Guidino of Santa Rosa is a community organizer and student at Santa Rosa Junior College.