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Did You Know? In the first 10 days of the North Bay fire, nearly 1.5 million people used their mobile devices to visit our sites.
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We don't just cover the North Bay. We live here.
Did You Know? In the first 10 days of the North Bay fire, we posted 390 stories about the fire. And they were shared nearly 137,000 times.
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Protecting livestock

EDITOR: As a goat rancher and property owner, I have no sympathy for a mountain lion that kills a goat. If you’ve ever had to see the dead body of your optimistic, funny and very resourceful ruminant defiled, slaughtered and very dead, you would understand. With increasing frequency in west county, my fellow ranchers are reporting mountain lion attacks where not one, not two, but six to 12 goats or sheep are killed in a single night. Not to eat. Just to slaughter.

The reasons for this are many but not the subject of this letter. My point is that there are nonlethal anti-predation methods available, and we use those on our 400-acre ranch. Livestock guardian dogs have been used for centuries around the world to protect sheep, goats, llamas and alpacas from everything from wolves to bears to coyotes and, yes, mountain lions.

Although we live in a relatively isolated patch of Sonoma County, we have yet to lose a goat to a mountain lion. We thank our team of Anatolian shepherds for this. Livestock guardian dogs, bred for this purpose, live with and protect their charges, and we couldn’t be in the business we’re in without them. If you have small ruminants, do them a favor: protect them.



Pay cut for tax hike?

EDITOR: While it will be up to all of us Santa Rosa voters on Nov. 6 to decide on whether to vote for or against the housing bond, which I hope will pass but probably won’t, I’d like to venture an opinion about the City Council’s proposed sales tax increase. A friend and neighbor said it best, “Why is it the council never includes any small cut in their own salaries or a cut in their city staffing?”

I heartily agree with him.

While we hold the council members, their families and city employees in deep respect, it hurts to always pay more taxes while the politicians never want to economize on their own. It seems only fair to ask, why not? California’s sales taxes already are too regressive and way too high.


Santa Rosa

Earning respect

EDITOR: I keep reading the letter from J.A. O’Brien over and over again, thinking I must have read it wrong: The Obamas brought morality and wealth of this country to a screeching halt (“Trashing Trump,” Aug. 4)? I can’t think of a president and family who set a better example of outstanding morals and family values.

If O’Brien doesn’t like the trashing of Donald Trump, then maybe Trump should display some morals instead of trashing everyone and anybody who doesn’t agree with him. You earn respect by showing respect. I don’t see any coming from this present administration.



Family separations

EDITOR: Pete Johnson (“Misplaced sympathy,” Letters, July 30) doesn’t understand the difference between placing children of criminals or kids who have been neglected or abused into safer homes and taking children from parents escaping life-and-death situations and putting them into unsafe, dirty cages where they are neglected.

What would Johnson propose to do? Send them to prison or jail with the parents? Our government did a huge disservice to Native American citizens and their families, which no one can deny, and they continue to perpetuate those policies.

Where is the hue and the cry? We had no internet, no social media then. The public didn’t know what our government did in our names. But we know now, we are outraged, and things have been changing as we work toward better solutions — until this frightening administration started sending us back into our dark ages. And that is what we are outraged over.

This president considers people of color and those that aren’t from here animals. The majority of our population doesn’t agree, and yet his party continues to support his agenda. Everyone should be outraged. We speak out, we protest, we donate. True patriots support equality and justice for all. We are striving to be better people, not revert back to prejudice, segregation and a me-first mentality.


Monte Rio

Socialism’s dangers

EDITOR: A chronic sickness spreads and engulfs our lives. It’s called democratic socialism. It is spread by the socialist left, fake news, intimidation, violence, harassment and advocating a false view of financial security. It advocates that production, distribution and exchange should be regulated by governments. Socialism goes against our country’s foundation — freedom to work, worship and speak.

These freedoms come, not from government, but from God. Socialism is just pre-communism. It will be imposed, not by a majority, but a minority.

When a country and its people are suppressed by this sickness, they cannot escape its terrible sting. It is, as the Bible calls it, the mark of the beast. Schools, especially colleges, have professors who believe and indoctrinate students with socialist ideas. Most have not competed in the real world.

Some radical socialist hoodlums have taken to the street to burn, assault and attack others. There is only moderate or no criticism from the left.

Socialism does not work. Never has. Never will. God help our country in midterm elections.



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