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Misplaced priorities

EDITOR: My wife and I went to the Apple Store in the mall, and a wonderful young man helped us with a problem with an iPhone. He was a teacher but left education because he was able to make more money at the Apple Store. This says a lot about the priorities of our society. If we want the best and brightest to mentor our children and grandchildren, then they must be respected and paid well for their service.

Wake up, America. Our children are the future. Thanks to all the educators for the contribution to our youth.


Santa Rosa

Out of the doldrums

EDITOR: The backbiting and hateful innuendos by the left that pour into the paper are nothing short of sour grapes and are about as tiring as the Russian collusion rabbit hole to nowhere.

Michael M.J. Girard is perplexed at “this individual still sitting in the White House” and “his lurid behavior” (“What does it take?” Letters, Aug. 30). I welcome his warped observations, as he obviously is blind to the achievements of this administration and clearly suffers from “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Donald Trump has achieved more in his term to date than Barack Obama did in eight years. Obama accomplished little, although he did a good job hiring entertainment for the White House between his apology tours.

Trump has achieved the best economy in decades. It continues to grow at a pace left-leaning economists said wasn’t achievable, let alone sustainable. Employment is at the highest levels across all groups in U.S. history, consumer confidence is at an all-time high, regulations are being rescinded, and overseas money is pouring back into the country, creating even more jobs. Responsible trade agreements will help America, not bankrupt it.

What Trump has delivered cannot be denied. He did what he said he would do. Ask the American workers who will vote for his choices in November to maintain the momentum.

Eight years in the doldrums was what was perplexing to me.


Santa Rosa

No on Proposition 6

EDITOR: Proposition 6 has us heading in the wrong direction. Look around you and it is obvious that much of our infrastructure is in a shamble, including our transportation systems. We have not had any real state gas tax increases (not indexed for inflation) since the 1990s. In the meantime, we have experienced tremendous growth, aging, inflation and wear and tear on our facilities.

California has 1,600 bridges and overpasses that have deteriorated to the point of no longer being safe. Look at the bridge in Italy that recently collapsed partly due to poor maintenance.

Our roads closely resemble those in third world countries. You cannot get something for nothing. There is not enough money to properly take care of them. We do not seem to think much if gas prices increase several cents per gallon (which is what the gas tax costs). But for some reason, if it is not for the petroleum companies, it is not OK.

The “no tax” people are convinced it just is that the money is being used poorly. They are wrong. Proposition 69 assures that gas taxes are not diverted to non-transportation purposes. Vote no on Proposition 6.



Defining sustainable

EDITOR: Flaws in the wine industry’s ability to promote itself as sustainable are becoming broadly apparent. Visitors to tasting rooms are increasingly asking: “Do you spray herbicides on your vineyard?” This public health question should only be the first question of many.

If a consumer knew that the winery with a sustainable label was not required to be organic, had cut down all the oak trees on the property, was depleting groundwater aquifers, had eliminated all wildlife and had paved over farmland for an event center and parking lot, that consumer would question the “sustainable” claim.

The consumer might also learn how lax regulations on winery event permits had created more dispersed tourism and increased vehicle mileage, rural traffic and greenhouse gases.

This might lead to the perception of the sustainable claim as self-serving, unsubstantiated and missing the mark of what real sustainable practices should involve.

The final question is this: Is the sustainable label meant to inform consumers or misinform them?


Santa Rosa

The last Republican

EDITOR: As a lifelong Democrat, I never thought I would shed tears on the passing of a Republican politician. Well, it’s happened with John McCain’s passing. He was the last Republican politician. The rest have forsaken what used to be their party’s principles in favor of selling their souls to the emperor.

Why do the media keep referring to the GOP? Republicans quit acting like the Grand Old Party a long time ago. Now that they’ve hit rock bottom, let’s call it them the POT — Party of Trump — and let them sit on it.

Want to take all the air out of the emperor? Stop all coverage of his verbal statements, tweets and rallies. Instead, put your focus on the actual policies that are implemented every day and receive little attention:

— The many protective regulations being axed.

— Our federal courts getting stuffed with right-wing judges.

— Massive voter suppression.

— Human rights abuses on our southern border.

— The economic consequences of trade wars.

The list goes on — and the emperor never has to be mentioned. These policies have dire consequences for the American people — and especially for those who voted for the emperor out of their economic despair.


Santa Rosa

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