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Fiction or future?

EDITOR: Hmm, “a law-based republic done in by demagoguery, populism and a dictatorial take over” — fare for London playgoers as reported by columnist Trudy Rubin (“US political drama inspires London theater,” Monday). It seems our political woes are fodder for British playwrights serving up scary speculative entertainment. But as a country governed by our Constitution, as well as the rule of law and our system of checks and balances, we are surely safe from the specter of an authoritarian take over here.

Then again, Donald Trump has speculated he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose his base. Really? How far does this go? As long as we are wildly speculating, how about a scenario in which a bloodless right-wing coup is about to succeed and needs only Trump’s approval to effect the suspension of the Constitution, replaced by a loyalty oath to the president and the installation of Trump as president for life, with Don Jr. to follow as successor?

Trump would surely nix the coup and choose to return to our constitutional form of democracy, right?

Would his supporters then regret the loss of a chance at following Trump as president for life? Hopefully, we will never know, but interesting to speculate anyway.


Santa Rosa

Seniors and the fire

EDITOR: In light of the report of negligence at care homes during the October fires (“State seeks to revoke license of care homes,” Sept. 7), I want to praise the care my mother received that frightful night. My mother, Jewell Ford, was a resident at Brookdale Paulin Creek, in the Clare Bridge memory care unit. The staff showed extreme diligence and heroism throughout the whole ordeal.

Managers who were off-duty rushed back to the facility, dodging the fire and putting their own lives at risk. They were able to evacuate residents in an hour and 15 minutes. Some managers went with the residents, while others stayed behind.

With Coffey Park burning on one side and rumors that Coddingtown was also affected, they weren’t sure if they could leave. Their last-ditch plan was to get oxygen tanks and hide in the swimming pool. Luckily it didn’t come to that.

The manager and staff of the memory care unit stayed with my mother and the others through two relocations. Most were up for a couple days, but they didn‘t leave their patients’ sides for almost two weeks. It was a relief to know that she was OK while we were dealing with our own situations.


Santa Rosa

Obama and the economy

EDITOR: Here’s how to understand President Barack Obama’s recent speech claiming credit for the current economic growth (“Obama slams Trump, Republicans,” Saturday): Your mother tries to open a jar of peanut butter but, struggling mightily, she can’t get the cap to budge. She hands the jar to you, and you pop the lid open on the first try. She says, “Yeah, well I loosened it.”


Rohnert Park

Healdsburg gun law

EDITOR: Could someone please explain to me the benefit from Healdsburg politicians banning the sale of firearms in the “downtown core” (“Healdsburg bans gun sales from downtown,” Sunday)? Is it a marketing move? It can’t be because the city wants to stop murders in the town; Chicago has this country’s most strict gun laws, and yet it continues to set records for both shootings and murders. Is it one of the “feel good” laws that politicians are notorious for passing (Look at what we passed! Please vote for me during the next election.)?

It just seems to be another waste of time and paper — a lot like Sebastopol’s “nuclear free zone” signs and the signs that are posted in front of public schools that say “this is a drug free zone.” Last I checked, drugs are illegal, and even the recent legalization of pot still prohibits minors from using. It just seems like such an obvious political act of style over substance.

I can’t wait to see what is coming next. If politicians want to keep adding new laws, then they should remove two silly laws for every one added to the books.


Santa Rosa

Disparity at center court

EDITOR: Yes, there is now equal pay for the genders in tennis. There is, however a disparity in some of the pay rates in the center court. The umpire, Carlos Ramos, received $633 for the whole game, Serena Williams received $548 per second on the court and lost $24,000 off the court (“Standards on coaching, umpiring needed,” Monday). The grand message is that workers don’t get paid enough, and sports people get paid too much.


Melbourne, Australia

Re-elect Stafford in RP

EDITOR: Steadfast, committed, dedicated. These are the best words to describe Pam Stafford, the current mayor of Rohnert Park. She is all of these things and more.

Stafford has devoted much of her time over the last three decades to serving the community. She has volunteered, supported various organizations and more recently served as a member of the Rohnert Park City Council.

Please join with us in re-electing this honest, devoted individual to another four years on the Rohnert Park City Council.


Rohnert Park

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