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Kavanaugh and justice

EDITOR: The U.S. Supreme Court serves to give Americans faith that justice is based on the rule of law and administered impartially. That Brett Kavanaugh chose Fox News, the Fertile Crescent of sexual harassment and right-wing bias, for his PR tour (itself unprecedented) is notable. The interview consisted of softball questions and invitations to cast himself as the victim.

Clearly Kavanaugh arrived with coached talking points, repeated robotically, chief among them being fairness. That took nerve. If fairness was his concern, he should have asked for an FBI investigation or mentioned that his accusers meet prosecutors’ standards of credibility to proceed.

Fairness certainly should include a fair hearing of Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez, as opposed to Republicans going through the motions with a predetermined conclusion. He might have mentioned his history of blackout drinking, yearbook entries, Yale secret society membership, roommates’ questioning of his character and the culture of misogyny at his elite prep school. Clearly Kavanaugh defines fairness as him getting the job.

The Senate confirmation process is a job interview for a lifetime appointment. There is no reasonable doubt standard. Americans deserve a far better nominee than Kavanaugh.



A mixed message

EDITOR: The Press Democrat published a column by Jim Sweeney encouraging editorial submissions (“Making a lively space for opinions, including yours,” Sunday), and it looks like they’re flooding in. Why, then, are you publishing hate speech? This is not helping anything or anyone.

Paul Geiger wrote that all leftists are foul (“Feinstein’s charges,” Letters, Monday). Why would you print something borne completely from hatred? He is judging the people of Sonoma County to be deficient, disgusting. But this letter had no proof, no data — just the angry opinion of an unhappy man with a chip on his shoulder.

The Press Democrat wants the conversation in the letters to be lively. Keep publishing divisive, insulting pieces, and I’m sure the hate and fighting from the newspaper’s online comments section will boil over onto the written section, too. Looks like it already is.

Those unhappy about Democrats are free to leave the state. As for the rest of us, let’s get along. We are grown adults, and we are better than this.


Santa Rosa

A tax on Americans

EDITOR: Donald Trump hit China with $200 billion in new tariffs. Who pays the tariffs? Americans who purchase those items. It is a tax on American buyers. Where does the tariff money go? Into the U.S. treasury. Trump can feed his budget deficit by taxing Americans who purchase Chinese goods. The Chinese don’t pay the tariffs. Americans pay the tariffs.



An alternate scenario

EDITOR: After watching the Fox News interview with Brett Kavanaugh and his wife, I find it difficult to question his veracity in dealing with this messy 11th hour attempt to smear his character, ergo foil his appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. He appears the ideal family man, friend, citizen and jurist. Of course, this is the take of an elderly man, angrily dismissed as anti-woman in the new world order of #MeToo.

Nonetheless, here’s a scenario: A 15-year-old impressionable high school girl has a secret crush on a popular upper class man. Fast forward 30-plus years, she is a clinical psychologist who delves into patients’ thoughts, reactions, emotions, etc. The object of her schoolgirl crush is now in the national limelight. Her long-repressed thoughts of him resurface, and she creates an illusion whereby he pursued and sexually assaulted her at a fictitious party. She reveals this to a friend or friends as if it actually happened. They talk her into publicly branding Kavanaugh, the boy she never really knew, a sexual predator. Enter Dianne Feinstein, and here we are.


Santa Rosa

A mayor for Petaluma

EDITOR: I attended a meet-and-greet for Petaluma mayoral candidate and longtime Councilwoman Teresa Barrett and learned she is the perfect candidate for the job.

Her knowledge of local, regional and national issues as well as her passion and commitment to working toward addressing issues such as traffic impacts that create consequences to our climate is obvious.

She addressed issues from traffic to parking to senior and youth issues with precision and expertise. Her experiences gathered from being a member of the nine-county air district gives her tremendous insights into the consequences of climate change, and her knowledge from her time on the City Council and the Planning Commission before that has allowed her to communicate and convey the local remedies needed for us to do our part.

Please join me in supporting and electing Teresa Barrett as our next mayor. She is the right person at the right time to get the job done for all of Petaluma.



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