Extra Letters: Brett Kavanaugh nomination

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Lifetime tenure

EDITOR: The U.S. Supreme Court was established in 1789 when the average life expectancy was 36. So a Supreme Court justice nominated “for life” wasn’t that long. It’s well worth considering changing the Constitution on the length of time a justice can serve. Because these nominations have become so partisan, perhaps it’s also time to put this nomination to vote by the people for the people.



The verdict

EDITOR: Christine Blasey Ford’s reading of a statement prepared by her attorneys and her testimony came across as sincere. She believes she was sexually assaulted, although she acknowledges she doesn’t know where or when the assault occurred. Unfortunately, the three people (including her best female friend) she said would attest to the accuracy of her sketchy account of the incident would not, in sworn statements, support her claim.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh has provided a contemporaneous record of his activities during the summer in question. Literally hundreds of men and women have said that the judge has never acted in any manner as alleged but has always acted respectfully. The American Bar Association has given the judge its highest rating.

The handling of Ford’s July 30 allegation letter by the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, not disclosing its existence for six weeks and only then just prior to the committee vote, in itself raises considerable doubt about the minority’s motives and conduct.

Legal scholars have opined that the facts in this case would not result in any action against the judge. What verdict would you render as a jury member?


Santa Rosa

Blame McConnell

EDITOR: Republicans can thank Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for the circus now known as the Supreme Court confirmation process. Prior to McConnell deploying the “nuclear option,” it took 60 votes to confirm a justice, and compromise was necessary to ensure whoever was placed on the bench for a lifetime appointment was a thoughtful, unbiased jurist, even if he or she leaned to the left or right.

Further, it was McConnell who did the unconscionable by refusing to have a hearing on Barack Obama’s Supreme Court choice, Merrick Garland, a man respected by Democrats and Republicans alike.

Enter Brett Kavanaugh and the Republicans’ assertion that some left-wing conspiracy is at hand to thwart his confirmation. Why didn’t the Democrats blow up the Neil Gorsuch nomination? Could it be because Gorsuch wasn’t credibly accused of sexual assault by three women who had nothing to gain and everything to lose by speaking out?

Kavanaugh was the key player in insisting that every gory detail of the sexual contact between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky be made available for public consumption. He considered the irrevocable damage to a 22-year-old woman’s life nothing more than collateral damage. No, what’s happening to Brett Kavanaugh is not some left-wing conspiracy. It’s karma.



Mocking victims

EDITOR: My God, the president of the United States, arguably the world’s most powerful man, performs a vicious comedy routine mocking a woman for reporting sexual assault. Leading chants of “Lock her up” (For what? Reporting a crime?), while in the same breath bemoaning calls for due process and an investigation into the alleged crime. The hypocrisy is mind boggling.

The misogyny: Staggering. Excruciating to experience. Our country’s leader using his power to cruelly silence more than half of the population he has sworn to represent. Using fear and hatred to create a culture in which sexual assault is not just ignored, it is encouraged and supported, even cheered on.

Perhaps most sickening, a majority of our other so-called leaders are so intent on pushing forward their political agendas they are more than willing to turn a blind eye to this evil, to allow this hateful man to throw the reporter — and by proxy, all victims, their educations, careers, bodies and lives — to a riotous mob.

What are we saying to our daughters and granddaughters? To anyone who has been subjected to assault? What have we become?


Santa Rosa

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