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Human suffering

EDITOR: I’m so angry I could spit feathers. On Sunday, the Press Democrat gave 24 column inches to the news of 67 people arrested in Petaluma as they protested inhumane treatment of chickens. On Friday morning, as I drove around Santa Rosa’s Northpoint Corporate Center, I counted 20 RVs, 14 trailers, 26 tents and 45 other vehicles — 105 abodes, places where humans live.

I returned later in response to a notice that police were in the area. I recorded video of tents being dragged across the street by officers and a trailer being towed. I thought that was it. At noon, I returned to zero tents. At 7 p.m., I returned to help record stories of brutal decimation. What incredibly inhumane treatment of humans.

Where is the article about this inhumanity?

Why isn’t something written relating to Martin v. Boise, the Sept. 5 decision by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirming that the government may not “criminalize conduct that is an unavoidable consequence of being homeless —namely sitting, lying, or sleeping on the streets”?

What of the contradiction between the resolution on homelessness of the Sonoma County Human Rights Commission (the paper hasn’t covered that either) and the eviction done under the watch of the Santa Rosa Police Department?


Santa Rosa

Outrageous injustices

EDITOR: If not for outrageous injustices along the way, we would not be on the verge of a super right-wing U.S. Supreme Court.

First, I believe Clarance Thomas perjured himself in 1991.

Second, Al Gore was the rightfully elected president in 2000, but the Supreme Court appointed George W. Bush. Gore certainly would not have appointed either Samuel Alito or John Roberts.

Third, Merrick Garland’s appointment was blocked for more than a year, resulting in his seat being stolen by Neil Gorsuch.

Gorsuch was appointed by Donald Trump, who rode in with the help of a foreign adversary with whom he may have conspired to undermine our election.

By the way, he lost by 3 million votes, which further delegitimizes his presidency.

And finally, the current nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, may also be a perjurer appointed by the same illegitimate, fake president who is now an unindicted co-conspirator.

Isn’t one perjurer on the Supreme Court enough? And isn’t it time to put fair-minded, nonpartisan judges on the court so that it can perform as an impartial arbiter and not merely as an extension of the Republican right-wing agenda?



The loss of good faith

EDITOR: I was saddened to read the article about the Albion River Bridge lawsuit (“Lawsuit filed in bridge dispute,” Sept 24). How are we to repair our decaying infrastructure when residents oppose such efforts at every turn?

On the other hand, what are residents supposed to do in the face of greater and greater corruption within our governments at the cost of the safety and stability of our society? Who can we trust?

Given the power differential involved, I am inclined to call on all government officials to make the first move and make acting with transparency and integrity a top priority.

I hope we are not too late to avoid falling into complete disarray as the circus that is our current national administration continues to erode standards of behavior throughout the country.

The way these local disputes play out means everything, because it is this decline of good faith that enables destructive populists to seize power.


Santa Rosa

Re-elect Stafford

EDITOR: Pam Stafford continues to support the interests of Rohnert Park citizens, as seen by her record on the City Council. During her tenure, she has been dedicated to ensuring that the growth of Rohnert Park occurs in a sound and responsible way. A balanced budget continues to be a goal of hers, and she was instrumental in the approval of the city’s fifth balanced budget. She has the ability to work with fellow council members to reach goals that make Rohnert Park a better place for all.

Stafford is a proponent of the State Farm property becoming a downtown for all of us. She stands by her beliefs in supporting all citizens and is willing to fight for them even when developers want changes to projects that would benefit only a few.

This would include the needs of seniors, people with disabilities, families, Sonoma State University, small business owners and the homeless.

In these times of dissension and mistrust of those in government, it is comforting to know that there are elected officials who have the needs of their constituents in their direct vision. Pam Stafford is one of these, which is why I will vote for her.


Rohnert Park

Choosing a justice

EDITOR: Brett Kavanaugh is not entitled to a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. It should go without saying that America must err on the side of not confirming a potential sex offender to the Supreme Court.



Punishing families

EDITOR: No one should ever have to choose between seeking medical care and staying in this country. But that is the situation many people will find themselves in if proposed changes to U.S. immigration policy are permitted to proceed.

Under the proposed changes, people could be denied permanent residency if they have been a recipient of Medicaid, SNAP (formerly food stamps), federal housing assistance or other anti-poverty programs. This is just plain wrong.

I hope members of Congress will stand up against any policy changes that cut families off from medical care, nutrition and housing assistance.


Santa Rosa

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