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Unintended consequence?

EDITOR: Is it possible that the judicial filibuster, now gone, protected us from the deeply flawed, hyperpartisan, disgusting process that just made a whole nation want to take a shower?

I doubt that Harry Reid (and later Mitch McConnell) considered that one consequence of disempowering the Senate minority with the “nuclear option” would be guerrilla warfare — unleashing social media and weaponizing the #MeToo movement to make a desperate last stand against a nomination that felt like a sharp stick in the eye to nearly half of the Senate.

When the minority is rendered powerless within the system, its members will seek power outside the system, which may explain why the filibuster was there in the first place. The fallout of the “nuclear option” is clearly as toxic as the name implies.


Santa Rosa

For Prop 10

EDITOR: Your Oct. 5 editorial (“No on Prop 10: Wrong remedy for housing crisis”) wasn’t saying don’t vote for rent control, it was saying don’t give our elected officials the right to pass an appropriate, local rent-stabilization ordinance. Apparently you would prefer to see Sacramento special interests and powerful real estate moguls determine our housing policy.

As you point out, rent goes up when demand outpaces supply, and demand outpaces supply when the worst firestorm in our history takes out 5,300 homes. We are in the middle of a colossal humanitarian crisis.

You say Proposition 10 could make our bad situation worse. No, not passing it could make our bad situation worse. For every 5 percent increase in rent, 2,000 people are forced out of their homes.

Let’s be clear: Proposition 10 doesn’t create rent control; it merely allows cities that need it to pass laws limiting rent increases. By the way, that’s not a “simple solution.” After vigorous debate by our City Council and our community, that “simple solution” passed, only to be overturned by the deceptive tactics of big, outside money.

Please vote yes on Proposition 10. It gives us more power to develop policies for our community.


Santa Rosa

Guns and crime

EDITOR: A recent letter thanked police for recent confiscations of loaded weapons from gang members (“Vigilant enforcement,” Sept. 27). I agree with all that Bob Burns said in his letter, and it’s nice to know those guns are off the street.

But it doesn’t answer the question of how gang members and felons continue to easily replace those weapons.

Somehow as a society, we need to interrupt the pipeline that allows so many people to have guns who are not legally allowed to own them. Otherwise we are just bailing water out of a leaky boat.



Mean-spirited Becerra

EDITOR: The level of public discourse is reaching lower and lower levels with individuals and groups categorized as undesirable elements in society. We have an excellent example of this in the California Official Voter Information Guide.

Candidates may provide a statement regarding their candidacy. Xavier Becerra, the Democratic candidate for attorney general, has a most interesting statement regarding his goals. He states that he is taking on sex traffickers, the National Rifle Association, big oil, big banks and the Trump administration.

His remarks about the Trump administration relate to his suing the federal government 44 times. The bill for California taxpayers since the start of the Trump administration is $12 million. Every time such a lawsuit is filed, federal resources and court time are taken from all other legal matters.

However, the most egregious statement that Becerra makes is that he is going after the NRA right after he takes on sex traffickers. Did all of you NRA members realize that you are being lumped in with sex traffickers?

I urge voters to pay attention to what is going on in California. The state is in trouble, and demonizing people you may disagree with isn’t a solution.


Santa Rosa

What Friedman missed

EDITOR: There’s something missing in Thomas Friedman’s Sunday column (“Tribalism is the new American Civil War”). Everyone, including Friedman, needs to recognize that no group, or tribe, has a monopoly on hate, prejudice and bigotry. To be sanctimonious about these inherent human traits being only with other people is to be a hypocrite.



Living by our words

EDITOR: I read the Close to Home column by Shirlee Zane and Wendy Wheelwright and thought, what nice sentiments and words (“Wearing the scars of October’s firestorms,” Oct. 5).

I went for my bicycle ride Saturday morning, and felt the warm, dry winds blowing, reminding me of last year’s fires. I came home to read Judy K. Sakaki’s Close to Home column (“From running for our lives to renewal,” Saturday), which reminded me of the horrors of those few days, including my family spending two nights at Finley Center.

I went back and read Friday’s column again and had to shake my head. If only Zane would apply her words to how she would behave, instead of calling me and my neighbors names and throwing insults at us because we disagree with her on the Chanate Road project.

It makes me think the mudslinging in Washington has been transferred to Sonoma County.


Santa Rosa

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