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Potholes and pensions

EDITOR: To quote Sonoma County Supervisor David Rabbitt, “If there’s a pot of money out there to repair the roads, I’d like to know where it is” (“Plague of potholes continues,” Friday). What about the huge portion of taxpayer dollars that is going to fund illegally enhanced six-figure pensions, exorbitant salaries, lifetime platinum medical benefits and continuous cost-of-living raises going to the public sector?

Isn’t that the pot of money draining the public coffers, leaving no money to repair roads, parks, libraries and homeless services?

I am voting no on any taxes until city and county government rein in their pension costs. If you go to the websites of the cities and county, you will be shocked to see where all of our money is going, enriching the public sector, leaving nothing for us, our homeless, our roads or services.

And because the cities and counties don’t want to sacrifice 1 cent of their bloated salaries to help with dwindling services, they will always ask us to contribute more taxes.

Who dares to stand with me and vote no on all increased taxes until city and county government make the same sacrifices they are asking taxpayers to make?


Santa Rosa

For safe roads

EDITOR: In 1994, I drove a car around 15,000 miles and got about 11 miles per gallon. In 2017, I drove a car around 15,000 miles, but my mileage had improved to 20 mpg. Doing the math, in 1994 I bought 1,363 gallons of gas, and in 2017, I bought 750 gallons of gas. Since fuel taxes didn’t change from 1994 to 2017, I was paying less in fuel taxes by a lot.

Costs of maintenance of our roads and bridges have gone up a lot since 1994. In 2017, California Senate Bill 1 raised fuel taxes enough to keep pace with my better gas mileage car, so now I pay about the same in fuel tax that I paid in 1994.

I know the one thing you should not cut corners on is safety. Those who are trying to pass Proposition 6 would be cutting corners on road and bridge safety. We need to defeat Proposition 6 so we have those fuel tax dollars to make sure our parents, ourselves, our families and our friends can safely travel on our roads and over our bridges.

Don’t cut corners on safe roads and bridges. Vote no on Proposition 6.



No thanks to building

EDITOR: I want to caution readers on Christopher Thornberg’s advice to keep on building (“Economist to county: Keep on building,” Saturday).

During a recent visit to Southern California, I experienced the 20-lane Santa Ana Freeway, which was congested and moving at less than 10 mph — and that is status quo throughout the day.

Don’t be fooled by this pied piper. Experts like him should stay in Southern California and clean up the mess created by unbridled growth.


Santa Rosa

Shame on Newsom

EDITOR: I have been a voter since November 1960, nearly always for a Democratic candidate or a progressive issue. In preparation for this November’s elections, I have been scheduling meetings for City Council candidates, studying brochures and reading through the election pamphlets mailed to us.

Page 76 of the state pamphlet is devoted to statement(s) by candidates for governor. Only one statement appears; Gavin Newsom’s space is blank. Does he have nothing to say to us about his candidacy? Is he so arrogant as to assume that he doesn’t need to say anything because this is California, and we so frequently elect progressive candidates? Did he simply miss the deadline for filing a statement?

None of these questions suggests an acceptable answer. Where is the Democratic Party in allowing such an irresponsible presentation to California voters? Not good. We can’t elect people to represent us who are arrogant or indifferent to our needs.

I may not agree with all John Cox says in his statement, and I may not vote for him, but I am certainly not voting for a man who doesn’t step up and say clearly who he is and what he proposes.


Santa Rosa

An amazing journey

EDITOR: I was saddened to read about the incapacitated residents in assisted living left alone during the firestorm.

My experience is different. With the fire a mile away from our Brookdale Paulin Creek community in Santa Rosa, our courageous executive director, Angela Turin, and assistant executive director, Amanda Martino, told us to get on buses. Dressed in our night clothes, we left with walkers and purses. We headed for Brookale Rohnert Park. Our stay was short as they too were being evacuated. Brookdale Vallejo was our next stop. They provided us with nourishment and good wishes.

Off again, the traffic was light. The monstrous fire devoured the hills, leaving them bare. The poor animals were left behind, looking bewildered.

Near dusk, we reached our temporary home for the next week and a half, Brookdale San Ramon. It looked majestic sitting on a small hill near an orange grove. We were treated as family by staff, and our caregivers drove from Santa Rosa to provide us with love and care.

On our return, all the employees were standing by the entrance holding “welcome” signs, and on each of our beds lay a bouquet of flowers. How classy.

Many heartfelt thanks to our directors and employees for everything they did to keep us safe through this amazing journey.


Santa Rosa

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