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The Democrats' vacation

EDITOR: It must be great to be a Democrat and have the mainstream media in your pocket. Thirty congressional Democrats and 109 lobbyists went to Puerto Rico for a weekend “retreat.” Supposedly they were checking on the progress of restoration after the 2017 hurricane. They also attended a special production of “Hamilton.”

There have been a few news stories about this retreat. Now, let’s suppose that it was a group of Republican legislators. The story would have been all over the news, with accompanying stories about government employees not working and not getting paid.

It appears that Democrats in Congress don’t believe the information about the incredible drug smuggling, human trafficking and people from all over the world coming to the United States through the southern border. It is a fact that everyone who comes across the border illegally is known by the drug cartels, because those people have paid the cartels.

Another caravan has started in Honduras. Mexico is planning to make sure this caravan doesn’t cross into Mexico.

Congress needs to deal with the entire immigration system, so that our country is safe and we know who is entering. Maybe they should meet in Puerto Rico.


Santa Rosa

Ignoring the real crisis

EDITOR: The real crisis is in the home country of the asylum-seekers, but neither politicians nor the media are talking about that. People are being driven from their homes in search of safety, and our response is a conversation focused solely on how that affects us: Shall we build a wall, a fence, add drones or personnel? Who should pay?

Can’t we see that we’re fighting over solutions designed to shield ourselves from the influx of desperate people? Are we not a part of humanity? These are human beings, and we’re treating them like ants trying to get into our kitchen.

In a world of diminishing resources and instability, it will be our response to human migration that defines us as a people. Walls are not the answer.



Don’t wager on ingenuity

EDITOR: David Von Drehle tells us: “Don’t fall for doomsday ‘population bomb’ warnings.” His Jan. 10 column went on to say: “Wishing for fewer human brains on Earth is like wishing for fewer diamonds and rubies.” Let me remind him that you can’t eat diamonds and rubies and, further, the more diamonds and rubies we have, the less value they have.

I am, I think, justly suspect of anyone who thinks the world revolves around human beings and their ability to think their way out of anything. We have some senators who don’t believe in global warming because of the existence of snowballs.

In giving a warning, we are saying, this or that may happen, tread with care. To dismiss a warning out of hand based on some short-term statistics and a bet can be closed-minded at best, foolish and dangerous at worst.



Politics and loyalty

EDITOR: I want to respond to Michael George’s letter (“Trump bashing,” Jan. 8). We need a broader look at our country and our people to find commonality and the wisdom in the philosophies of liberalism and conservatism, not the wisdom of Republicans and Democrats.

Mark Twain wrote, “Loyalty to our country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it.” Too often administrations claim to be the country. We the People and our Constitution are the country.

Half of the Republicans still supported Richard Nixon when he resigned, even though he was caught on tape committing a felony. Bill Clinton was clearly taking sexual advantage of an aide, regardless of her intentions. We Democrats looked the other way.

We can’t get so lost in loyalty to a party or a philosophy that we sacrifice our loyalty to our country. Our country, our people deserve better.

When three of Donald Trump’s Cabinet members resign because of enriching themselves in office, Trump isn’t draining the swamp. The courts declared the Trump University and Trump Foundation frauds (corrupt). There may not be a tape, but Trump does set a moral standard for people around him. So some of the adjectives are true. But that doesn’t mean conservatism is bankrupt or corrupt.



Let’s make a deal

EDITOR: Donald Trump is who he is. That’s a simple fact, but apparently a significant number of politicians, editorial writers and letter writers cannot accept it.

If the Republicans are in denial about climate change, the Democrats are equally in denial about Trump. For the sake of our country and their sanity, they have to realize that no amount of hair tearing and teeth gnashing is going to change him.

So, Democrats, stop gnashing your teeth, start gritting them, and deal with him. A wall was part of an immigration deal the Democrats promoted in 2013. If it wasn’t immoral then, why is it immoral now?

The Democrats know what Trump wants — something, anything that he can call a wall. What do the Democrats want? They have leverage now, but they’re losing it as the shutdown continues.

Make a deal, reopen the government, and move on to the really important things.



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