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A socialist deal

EDITOR: The so-called Green New Deal is more like the Lunatic Left Socialist Deal based on apocalyptic predictions of biblical proportions. Will the world truly end in 12 years?

The booming energy industry, i.e. natural gas and oil, affordable energy, would be replaced by zero-emission energy sources. Solar and wind? Pity the eagles and condors. Is there enough timely sun and wind to provide electricity for all residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial needs? How to build and store it?

High-speed electric rail crisscrossing the U.S. — just like the disastrous one our state couldn’t construct on time or on budget? Solar-charging stations everywhere? Electric cars, bulldozers and 18-wheelers? Solar-powered planes? Right.

Upgrading every existing building in the U.S. for energy efficiency? Eliminating cattle due to their alleged dangerous levels of methane emissions?

This is total government intrusion into our lives — telling us what to eat, what to drive, how to travel, how to construct our homes and redistributing wealth from the producers to fund free schooling, vacations, health care, housing and “economic security” for the nonproducers.

Cost? Trillions. They could print money or tap investments (code for taxes).

Socialism, never. Capitalism, always.


Santa Rosa

Marathon: A bad idea

EDITOR: West Sonoma County doesn’t need a marathon (“Marathon proposed for Highway 1,” Feb. 5). Eight — that’s eight — government agencies would need to approve this. Time and money would be better spent fixing the roads and paying teachers what they are worth.

If people who don’t live on the coast want to go to the west county for Levi’s GranFondo, which creates a huge mess from Cazadero through the Russian River towns to Santa Rosa, they might understand why the people of west Sonoma County aren’t interested in more street closures. This is a bad idea created by a former bad county employee.


The Sea Ranch

Renting shelter space

EDITOR: The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Sonoma County has served a hot nutritious meal every day for the past three decades to more than 200 men women and children at our dining room near Railroad Square. We’re also running the winter shelter program again this year at the National Guard armory in Santa Rosa. Our expenses will run close to $150,000.

Many people don’t know that we pay more than $500 a night to rent the armory from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. That comes to more than $45,000 for three months. Since we receive no money from the church, county or city, we depend on individual donors. We recently sent a letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom asking that he waive this large amount for the rental.


Santa Rosa

Christian school closes

EDITOR: I find it dispiriting that a solid Christian school, Rincon Valley Christian, is closing after 50 years of service to the Santa Rosa community (“Religious school to close,” Feb. 7). I know no one at the school. But I’m not surprised. We’ve essentially disinvited God to be part of the human conversation and a moral compass in the development of young people.

As a Catholic, intimately involved in Catholic education, I believe there is uncompromising value in the teachings of Jesus Christ. It’s vital to have competent and courageous religious leadership in the church that assists in the guidance of moral and spiritual development.

Yet much of California has become distrustful of Christian leaders. There are many reasons for people to become disenchanted with organizations of faith. But if we cannot accept human limitations, we are throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Faith in God has become passé. Replaced by Google and Facebook (the dubious behemoths of knowledge), truth has become relative, and our children are suffering from a lack of moral development and, most important, a belief in a loving God. Losing a school based on the values and teachings of Jesus Christ is a great loss to our community. I pray this isn’t a harbinger for all Christian and Catholic schools.


Santa Rosa

Brooks’ hysterics

EDITOR: David Brooks’ Thursday column (“The Green New Deal, the left and elitism”) is a hysterical response to a nonbinding proposal. The Green New Deal isn’t legislation but an attempt to change the tired dialogue regarding the problems of this country.

Brooks sets forth ideas proposed in the conservative journal National Affairs by author Abby McCloskey, many of which I find merit in. I also find merit in the Green New Deal. Instead of focusing on a melding of these ideas, he disdainfully dismisses the Green New Deal.

Brooks fears the boogeyman of centralized government in the Green New Deal. Decentralization exists now: unfettered dark money from entrenched interests floods our political system. The result has done nothing for “the social decay afflicting communities across America.”

We need open minds and a melting pot of proposals and solutions to climate change, income inequality and other issues. Government and industry have a role to play. This country needs a return to an era of big ideas sourced from some of the greatest minds in the world without regard to political affiliation. Overwrought hand-wringing and wholesale dismissal of ideas does not benefit our nation.


Santa Rosa

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