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More airport, more noise

EDITOR: The published expansion plan for our local airport is indeed an important contribution to our local economy (“County airport secures grant,” Thursday). However, there is a need for improved noise abatement procedures to ensure the growth does not negatively impact residents of Sonoma County.

“Suggested” landing procedures have already proven inadequate. Loud commercial aircraft already fly too low over residential areas miles from the airport, and complaints to airport management have little apparent impact.

Other airports across California have well-documented noise abatement requirements, with well-placed noise monitors to monitor compliance.

Starting now to improve the Sonoma County approach (and takeoff) noise abatement procedures is an important step in demonstrating that the airport cares about its neighbors as the new terminal and expanded commercial aviation occurs.



GOP Stockholm syndrome

EDITOR: The lobotomization of the Republican Party appeared complete when the same GOP protagonists who denounced Donald Trump for “race-baiting” (Lindsey Graham) and called him “a pathological liar” (Ted Cruz) and “a lunatic” (Marco Rubio) nevertheless are endorsing him for reelection in 2020.

Do Republican politicians really want to enter a race to the lowest moral and intellectual depths? Do they want to support a president with more than 10,000 documented lies since he has been in office? Who has the cognitive dissonance of an eighth grade bully? Who makes fun of a disabled reporter? Torments an abused woman? And even cheats at golf?

The response is always about how well the economy is doing. On the contrary, Donald Trump inherited a booming economy with low unemployment and steady job growth. There have been a few temporary bumps, but they came at the expense of clean air, clean water and an unprecedented increase in the national debt.

It is time that Republican legislators get over their Trumpian Stockholm syndrome and realize the person they are supporting is an old man whose brain is rapidly atrophying due to a debilitating level of tweets and Fox News consumption.



Dueling labels

EDITOR: It is interesting that Marsha Taylor is offended by the term “pro-life” (“Controlling women,” Letters, Saturday). Contrast that with the euphemisms that pro-abortion advocates use, e.g. “reproductive health,” “reproductive rights,” “choice,” “women’s health care,” “autonomy,” etc. I’ll make a deal: I’ll stop using the term pro-life (anti-abortion) if the other side stops calling it choice (abortion).



Endless warfare

EDITOR: American culture is violent. America’s world policy is endless warfare. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and whistleblowers inform the world of the crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by the United States. These people should be free.

Meanwhile, those who perpetuate violence on a governmental level are allowed to continue. Those are the ones who need to be arrested and tried.

War with Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, against the Palestinians and others isn’t justifiable and shouldn’t be allowed to happen. The government is by and for the people. We need to take back the government from the Democrats and Republicans who now perpetuate destruction.

It is this constant violence that leads, in part, to the mass murders and school shootings that we are experiencing more and more frequently. Life is precious. Life is a rare and holy thing. We must protect life in our homes, in our communities and around the world from corruption. We must nurture and enhance life.


Rohnert Park

US carrier in the Gulf

EDITOR: Is dispatching the USS Abraham Lincoln to the 35-mile-wide Persian Gulf an attempt to bait and provoke? Those ships are made to stand, deter, endure, attack, defend and self-replenish indefinitely.

They carry more destructive force than any country should ever need to possess. They cost more to operate than any country should need to spend on defense. Those vessels hold precious cargo: our service people. When military big boy toys are flaunted, as to say “take your best shot,” their necks are on the line. Mothers be afraid. I am.



Where’s the tour?

EDITOR: There has been practically no coverage in your paper of the Amgen Tour of California. We can read about the overall standings of the Giro d’Italia, but the standings of our own California tour are missing. Is The Press Democrat’s nose out of joint because there are no stages starting or finishing at Santa Rosa this year?



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