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Todd Road needs help

EDITOR: Once again the Sonoma County supervisors are turning a blind eye to busy roads (“County supervisors OK $36 million in road repairs,” Wednesday).

Todd Road has been screaming to be rebuilt. We were told it was going to be rebuilt. They sent out two men to take measurements. Next, six men came out to inspect the ditches, so the standing water would flow to the Laguna. Then, about a month ago, instead of digging up the road and rebuilding it, the county road crew came out and laid some asphalt.

Next winter, with all the traffic, the crews once again will be out every week repairing the road. We, the residents, have been told for the past two to three years that we were getting our road fixed. Then the fires, so we waited; this year the flood.

Some of the roads on the county’s list have high volumes of traffic, but Moorland Avenue? Todd Road is for all intents and purposes a highway. Wasted money for the eight men who came out, and wasted money for the temporary fix with the asphalt. Come on!


Santa Rosa

Paying for health care

EDITOR: I like some things the Democrats do, some things the Republicans do and a lot of things that neither party can seem to do. What I don’t like is to have to pay for health care for illegal immigrants when so many Americans can’t afford it and have to go without it (“Push to expand medical coverage,” Tuesday). That’s hard for me to swallow.



Workings of a free press

EDITOR: Yet another reader condemns The Press Democrat for abandoning its’ ethical responsibility “to seek the truth.” In doing so, D.P. Hall (“Enemies of the people,” Letters, May 20) fails to grasp the difficulty even a great paper like The Press Democrat faces in managing the limitless coverage of a pathological liar.

Donald Trump lies even when he doesn’t have to, so separating fact from fiction for readers is exactly what news reporting is all about. What makes the constitutionally protected press truly free is the very absence of codified rules and regulations overseen by agencies susceptible to political influence.

It is held accountable by the public and statutes regarding libel, etc. If you want to see what happens when a political party virtually owns a media outlet, look no further than Fox News.

Selective omission seems to work for critics like Hall who took issue with the national debt increases during the Barack Obama years of $1.1 trillion annually while failing to mention Trump’s average deficit is $1.2 trillion per year.

Why someone who embraces a liar and paints the responsible press as a “Democrat-media junta” still reads a paper is beyond me. After all, 1,286 daily newspapers can’t possibly be trusted, right?


Santa Rosa

Having it both ways

EDITOR: When is murder not murder? Apparently, according to some anti-abortion supporters, it isn’t murder when pregnancy results from rape or incest or the health of the mother is involved; otherwise abortions are murder. You can’t have it both ways. This is either convenient thinking or rationalization. In either case it is skewed.



Trump’s salary

EDITOR: President Donald Trump’s salary is $400,000 plus benefits. He is extremely wealthy and promised, if elected, he wouldn’t take a salary.

With some research, Mary Washburn (“Trump’s taxes,” Letters, Tuesday) would find that Trump has donated his salary quarterly to the National Park Service for maintenance of Antietam National Battlefield; the STEM program in the Department of Education; the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism; the Department of Health and Human Services for its opioid addiction awareness campaign; some veterans programs; and many other worthy causes in the government. No one needs his tax returns to clarify this.

Congress isn’t a law enforcement agency. To obtain the president’s tax returns, it needs some legitimate legislative purpose. The Democrats’ motivation is transparently political. Russian collusion didn’t work, obstruction didn’t work, and now they’re claiming cover-up.

Robert Mueller’s investigation cost taxpayers about $35 million. After 675 days, 500 witnesses interviewed by 19 democrat lawyers, 40 FBI agents; 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, a million documents from the White House and no executive privilege claimed, conclusion: no collusion. He’s no Russian agent, nor is he a traitor.

Now the Democrats want to impeach Trump for a cover-up. Democrat delusion continues.


Santa Rosa

Vote for me

EDITOR: Due to the lack of white male candidates running for president in 2020, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I will run. Here’s how I can beat Donald Trump.

I have never declared bankruptcy, defaulted on a loan or cheated a client, subcontractor or employee. I don’t have a college degree, so I am not intellectually threatening to those who identify as Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables,” who were so instrumental in 2016. My investments in real estate have all been profitable.

I have been published in the letters to the editor here enough to demonstrate that I can communicate big ideas in few words, making an easy transition to Twitter, where the race will likely be decided. I’m a whitewater guide, so navigating the “swamp” should be easy.

Although I lean left on most issues, I’ve decided to run as a Republican so anyone on that side that still has some principles can vote with a clear conscience.


Santa Rosa

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