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No reason to impeach

EDITOR: Is it not time to do a review of attitudes toward our country, our president and our two-party system?

Flying an upside-down American flag is a signal of dire distress, not because you disagree with our elected president. This is a democratic society. We don’t all have to agree. What we need to do is be civil to each other and try to understand another citizen’s point of view.

The real danger to life and property is now being displayed at our southern border, with thousands of migrants charging our border and demanding access to the United States without regard to our legal process.

The push to impeach our president is without any justification. A two-year study made no recommendations that there was collusion. Isn’t it time to give up this witch hunt and begin working on infrastructure and immigration?

Our economy is growing and is at its best in many years. Is it time to look at the positive things that are happening and get on with the work our government should be doing rather than finding fault and ignoring any of the positive actions, of which there are many, accomplished by President Donald Trump?


Santa Rosa

Climate-related disasters

EDITOR: The disastrous floods in the Midwest (and looming fire disasters here) are exactly what is predicted by scientific climate models. One of the most fearful “feedback loops” in climate change is that as increased greenhouse gases warm the planet, more water evaporates and the atmosphere holds yet more water vapor.

Water vapor is itself an extremely powerful greenhouse gas, so more water vapor leads to increased temperatures and yet more warming, and so on.

Also, a 2-degree Celsius average temperature increase does not mean everywhere just gets 2 degrees warmer. It means we stay “average” much of the time and then become radically hotter at other times, leading to catastrophic fires, floods and winds.

Hell is descending on the planet, and nothing will stop it except a full emergency response at all levels.



Listening for sirens

EDITOR: I left Franz Valley School Road in Calistoga that night, Oct. 8, 2017, trying to go to my home off of Mark West Springs Road. There were flames, and the whole sky was on fire, but I saw no firetrucks, and there were no sirens.

I traveled to Maria Carrillo High School, then Oliver’s market, then toward Fountain Grove, still trying to go home to no avail.

Somehow I remembered how to get on the freeway, and at 5:30 a.m., I found refuge with friends in Petaluma. The sky was on fire to the Northwest, and it was glowing red to the east also, but I never saw firetrucks or police cars and never heard sirens.

It was a terrible eerie night. Why no sirens? Wasn’t this an emergency?



Combating homelessness

EDITOR: I hate to disappoint Daniel Drummond and the Sonoma County Taxpayers Association, but his letter about a grant to homeless activists was flat-out wrong (“Disruption pays,” June 1).

Before the HOME Sonoma grants were awarded, each applicant submitted a detailed application, which was scored by two separate expert groups in a rigorous, competitive process. Now, after funding decisions have been made, each awardee is undergoing more inquiry and documentation and will be required to sign a detailed contract with the county. The reporter captured a moment of well-deserved celebration in the midst of a long process of government oversight.

Drummond mentioned Homeless Action! by name but didn’t seem to know that we pioneered the local concept of safe parking and currently help manage the largest site in the county, an effort that keeps 19 homeless people safe as they sleep at night.

Through “Homeless Talk,” a project co-sponsored with Santa Rosa Together, we brought 500 Santa Rosa residents together to talk in small groups about the impact of homelessness in their neighborhoods.

The HOME Sonoma proposal was only the latest in a long line of concrete efforts to bring cheap and well-staffed safety to some of the 2,000 people who sleep outside in our county every night.


Homeless Action!

Bohemian Grove protests

EDITOR: Regarding Saturday’s editorial (“The bottom line on security for Bohemian camp”), I can’t help but assume that if some of the most powerful political players in the world align so strongly in their opinion that females are inferior, far more aggressive protests are in order than are already expected in Monte Rio this summer. Maybe my property taxes will go up 25 cents to cover the cost of policing up such a riot. Oh well.


Santa Rosa

Mental health needs

EDITOR: Whenever there is a mass shooting, there is an outcry for gun control. I’m all in favor of gun control, but I have never understood why there isn’t an equal demand for increased mental health funding since it seems obvious to me that the shooters are a disturbed part of a certain demographic. And now there’s a proposal to cut mental health funding that will affect young people. Does this make any sense?


Santa Rosa

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