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Preemptive outages

EDITOR: We’re now being told that a power shutoff due to extreme weather could last up to 48 additional hours to allow inspection of the system (“Heat, wind usher in fire season,” Sunday). How crazy is that?

Residents and businesses who depend on wells will be without water, probably lose cellphone and internet service and perishable foods, and local businesses will suffer.

Some suggestions:

Let’s work with PG&E to improve the electrical distribution system and trim trees. In high-risk areas, additional circuit breakers should be installed so as to shut down power immediately when a line break is detected.

Public service shutdowns should be the last resort and only for small, high-risk geographic areas. This will permit power to be quickly restored an event is past.

Use technology to better identify fires early on and improve response times.

Remove bureaucratic obstacles to installing more cellphone towers in rural areas for better coverage and fire reporting and to encourage better forest and land management.

Counties and Caltrans should prioritize cutting grass along roads and highways, especially where overhead electrical power lines run parallel in the public right of way.

Limit new building permits in high risk areas.



Bohemian Club security

EDITOR: Is it wrong to have an organization or function for men only? Of course it isn’t. Is it wrong to have an organization or function for women only? Of course it isn’t. So why all the noise, faux tears and distress over the annual Bohemian Club gathering (“Security OK’d for men-only club,” Wednesday)?

Let the men get together and do whatever they do there. No public funds are being spent to provide security (except in the case of a medical emergency or crime inside the fenced area). Surely, Supervisors Lynda Hopkins, Susan Gorin and Shirlee Zane have more important issues to tackle than this one. I see it as a publicity stunt to get like-minded people on their side.

So, come on. Let the boys be boys and the girls be girls. No harm being done. And if Hopkins foresees difficulty in explaining this to her kids, she has a bigger problem to deal with.



Paying the bill

EDITOR: Another letter emphasizing Donald Trump’s success with the economy (“Trump delivers,” June 5) requires a reality check on our values.

The president boosted the economy by cutting taxes and letting our children and grandchildren pay for it by running massive deficits that will become their obligation. He also cut costs and boosted business by letting polluters ignore climate change and habitat loss. That is another cost our children and grandchildren will pay.

Since when does “love our country” mean grabbing all you can now and sticking our children with the bill?


Santa Rosa

Durant wasn’t ‘noble’

EDITOR: I had to laugh when columnist C.W. Nevius called Kevin Durant “noble” for not sitting out an important game (“Durant went all in for the team; time for Warriors to return favor,” Thursday). Durant’s decision wasn’t noble; it was the all-too-typical macho, narcissistic, egocentric attitude of many top athletes.

Instead of acting like a mature adult who thinks more than two hours into the future, he insisted on going on the court and taking one for the team. Now he’s out for a year. Way to help the team!

And what a great suggestion from Nevius to offer him $220 million so he sticks around. Nevius said, “He chose to go all-in for the Warriors and paid the price.” Seems like the people who will be paying the price are the team managers, Durant’s fellow team members and the fans. In other words, everyone except Kevin Durant.



A new Cuba embargo

EDITOR: I had a hunch this was going to happen — the “this” being the discontinuation of cruise ship voyages out of the U.S. to Cuba, which the Trump administration implemented on June 4 (“White House bans most travel to Cuba,” June 5). That is why my wife and I took a cruise out of Miami earlier this year, which ended with two days in Havana before returning home.

Havana was fascinating: wonderful musicians and dancers, beautiful Spanish architecture from earlier days and things you probably wouldn’t see anywhere else in the world. Faded glory, yes there was that, but the people were friendly and helpful — just regular people.

Glad we got to go, and sad that, at least for now, others will not have this opportunity.


Santa Rosa

Too much resistance

EDITOR: First, I am not a Donald Trump supporter, and I didn’t and wouldn’t vote for him.

Despite the budget surplus, California is facing serious obstacles: lack of housing (affordable or not), unfunded pension liabilities, a high poverty rate, a poor public school system and more. To navigate these obstacles, the state requires visionary leadership and not leadership that sounds like it is being constructed similar to the “Opposite” episode of “Seinfeld:” If every instinct Trump has is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right.

It is ironic that the direction of California’s governing politicians is being guided by reactions to the actions of the politician they dislike the most. It makes you wonder who really is in charge.

This approach got Seinfeld’s buddy George a job with the Yankees. I doubt that California will be as fortunate.


Santa Rosa

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