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Not safe, not sane

EDITOR: Due to the late rains, our fire season has already begun in full force. PG&E has instituted a preventive procedure of shutting off power in dangerous areas of the North Bay where heat and wind create potential super danger areas. Yet still fireworks are going to be sold in areas of Sonoma County, including Sebastopol and Petaluma.

Why, why, why are we not stopping the sale and use of fireworks in our county? We need an immediate emergency total ban. I have heard the trite defense that some organizations count on the money, but it’s time for those organizations to figure out new and different ways to raise funds. The Girl Scouts manage fine selling cookies; other organizations can figure out safe and sane alternatives to raise money.

I live in a wooden house on a hill above a public beach, and I am always fearful of fire on the Fourth of July. Since 2017, I think it is unconscionable that the powers that be in our county have not banned the sale and use of fireworks. I am pleading here — please, let’s get smart before we have another avoidable disaster.



Tide pool etiquette

EDITOR: Unfortunately, Sunday’s tide pool article made no mention of the appropriate way to visit them (“Check out beach’s low tides this season”). Tide pools are magnificent habitats to observe and appreciate. However; unless human visitors are careful, they will injure, even kill the living creatures that inhabit these incredible low-tide habitats.

Use your camera to document your visit. Please don’t harvest these living creatures because they will just die. Be careful not to trample on tide pool animals while exploring. But don’t take just my word for this. Please watch for advice by a biologist on the appropriate etiquette for visiting tide pools.

Visiting tide pools on our beautiful California coast can be a wonderful experience as long as we also treat them with respect and responsibility.


The Sea Ranch

Biden’s shifting stance

EDITOR: Poor Joe Biden. The one thing he excels at is plagiarism. He is pretty good at that. Has this guy ever had an original thought?

This is just another comedic example of his utter lack of any type of conviction. First, he was for the Hyde Amendment. Most reasonable people are. Have all the abortions you want, but why the heck should I have to pay for it? Then, the next day, he is all for taxpayer-funded abortions. This guy will say and do anything to try and please the left-wing loons in the Democratic Party.

I don’t want to give Mr. Gaffe-a-meter any advice. People would have more respect for him, and maybe even take him somewhat seriously, if he carved out a position and stuck to it for a change.

Good luck Democrats with Biden and the rest of the field. What shambles. It gets funnier by the day. The 2020 election is going to be landslide for Donald Trump. You heard it here first.


Santa Rosa

Pesticide limits

EDITOR: It is certainly encouraging to read that the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors has voted to restrict synthetic pesticides on county property (“County restricts synthetic pesticides,” June 6). This move to protect the public health and the integrity of our local ecosystem from poisons like glyphosate is long overdue. It is also welcome news that Santa Rosa, Windsor and Sonoma have done the same.

Your article stated that the county is the fourth local government to take this action. For the record, it is actually the fifth. The city of Sebastopol adopted such a policy 20 years ago, in May 1999.



A foolish question

EDITOR: Bret Stephens’ Tuesday column (“Abandoning the ideals of the greatest generation”) made a huge point at the end — the greatest generation was the most responsible. Then he asked if our generation be viewed as the least responsible.

Why, how dare he call anyone today irresponsible? He has no right to ask that the individual, or groups (now that we have all been divided by identity politics) to be responsible. He must be a right-wing extremist nationalist.

Today, being irresponsible gets you rewarded. Follow the rules? You will be forced to support the irresponsible. If you object, you are called every name under the sun.



Section 8 housing

EDITOR: I own a condo and my tenant has a Section 8 housing voucher. The apartment has a small kitchen, living/dining area, one bedroom and one bathroom. I receive $662 from Section 8 housing. My tenant is responsible to pay me $263, which is the most she is allowed to pay me under Section 8 rules. This totals $925 per month. Even after a person receives a Section 8 voucher, it’s almost impossible to find an apartment in decent condition for $925 per month in Sonoma County.


Santa Rosa

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