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Standing up to China

EDITOR: There are myriad reasons to dislike President Donald Trump, but the trade war with China isn’t among them. Even Democrats like Sen. Chuck Schumer agree that this had to be done.

The Chinese government is systematically stealing U.S. technology and violating world trade standards. They have maneuvered themselves into Hollywood to the point that films are basically forbidden to present China in a negative light or show the free democracy of Taiwan in a positive one. The penalty for this is that an entire studio will be banned from the People’s Republic.

It is ironic that the progressive Press Democrat editorial board (“US-China trade war is hurting Americans,” Saturday) overlooks the million or millions of Uighurs in concentration camps or the protestors in Hong Kong being beaten as a reason to call for a boycott or at least support the trade war.

When Franklin D Roosevelt cut off Japan’s oil on 1941, he was acknowledging that we were on the verge of conflict. Oil producers in America were adversely affected. The Chinese are setting up spy rings in America’s colleges. They are attempting to hack our infrastructure, they are expanding territorially in the South China Sea. All while they crush the cultures of Tibetans.

We need to wake up.


Santa Rosa

Where’s the protection?

EDITOR: Lew Taber, in a letter to the editor said: “They can rant against the National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment, but these are the very institutions that guarantee that the good guys can protect themselves and the rest of society from the bad guys” (“Protecting society,” Aug. 7).

Great. Sounds wonderful. Just a few questions: When will this protection kick in? Do a certain number of people have to die in mass shootings before the good guys from the NRA start to offer the protection that Taber describes?

The U.S. has had lax gun laws for decades, and the U.S. has had mass shootings for decades. Please, NRA supporters, tell us all when the NRA is going to start protecting us from mass shooters.



Sunk cost fallacy

EDITOR: The grim report on the financial stability of the SMART train should be the final nail in the coffin (“SMART: Deficits without sales tax,” Aug. 8). The definition of the sunk cost fallacy is that you continue throwing good money after bad.

The reality is that we could have restored all of the crumbling roads in Sonoma County with the money that was spent on this white elephant.

Please don’t return to the taxpayers with a hand out for more money. Let’s spend the already too high taxes that we pay restoring the roads that have been sadly neglected.


Santa Rosa

A disastrous plan

EDITOR: Sunday’s editorial took a very cavalier attitude toward the prospect of a prolonged blackout in Sonoma County (“Fire safety outages are coming. Be prepared”). “Inconvenience” and “nuisance”? Rural residents without water? The economic loss to 20,000 businesses and their employees when shut down for a week? Tons of perishable food tossed? Darkness, no alarms or security systems, no way to call the police?

If I were a looter or other miscreant, I would be salivating at the prospects. In an accident or medical emergency, how would you summon help? If fires were to start from other causes, how would you report it or warn the people in its path? Is it realistic to assume that all residents have the means to stockpile emergency supplies, much less that they could afford ham radios, generators or solar panels?

No one wants a repeat of the disastrous fires of October 2017, but a prolonged shutdown of Sonoma County could be a disaster of its own. Is there a plan to deploy the National Guard to patrol, warn, rescue and serve the needs of the residents during such a blackout? Is there any plan at all besides save yourself?


Santa Rosa

Peace and violence

EDITOR: It is the 50th anniversary of Woodstock — three days with nearly half a million people gathered together enjoying music and surviving in primitive conditions. Fast forward to today — three mass killings in a week. What has become of our beloved country?


Santa Rosa

Facing climate fears

EDITOR: Your Aug. 4 article about climate fears really struck a chord with me (“Climate grief: Fears about the future”). It is anxiety producing and devastating to learn how we are destroying so much of the earth and its creatures with our carbon footprint. The article suggested that one way to cope is to take action and join groups of like-minded people where you can feel less isolated and air climate concerns. I couldn’t agree more.

There are many groups who work on climate protection in Sonoma County. Daily Acts in Petaluma, 350 Sonoma, the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation, Russian Riverkeeper, Sonoma County Conservation Action, the Sierra Club and Zero Waste North Bay, to mention a few. All welcome public involvement. If you love to garden, attend a master gardener’s event on sustainable practices.

Any climate-related event gives you facts of what a warming world will look like. As the article says, “If you know what you are going to face it’s not quite as scary.”

Don’t lull yourself into thinking your small actions don’t count. Support local farmers. Take the SMART train. Read “Drawdown” by Paul Hawken with a book club. This is one battle we aren’t going to win alone.



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