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Did You Know? In the first 10 days of the North Bay fire, nearly 1.5 million people used their mobile devices to visit our sites.
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We don't just cover the North Bay. We live here.
Did You Know? In the first 10 days of the North Bay fire, we posted 390 stories about the fire. And they were shared nearly 137,000 times.
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Trump’s big parade

EDITOR: So the president wants a big military parade. I expect his next revelation will be the need for a grand uniform suitable for the president of the United States. I can see it now: lots of gold braid and plumage with a magnificent array of medals he can award to himself for his never-before-matched achievements and, of course, a really big hat.

He won’t be marching in the parade, however, since, as we know, he has an aversion to actually serving in the military due to his sore feet. Too bad the draft-dodger-in-chief missed out on serving since he would have gotten a big dose of marching in boot camp.

Rep. Mike Thompson got it right when he responded to the parade idea with the thought that the money Donald Trump would spend on a parade would be better used to fund services benefiting veterans.



Lacking accountability?

EDITOR: The headline on last Friday’s editorial read: “Transparency still lacking on fire alert decisions.” The editorial went on to say, “After nearly four months, the public still lacks a clear understanding of what decisions were made by the emergency services staff about alerting residents to the fires. Those who were hoping to hear such a review at the Board of Supervisors meeting on Jan. 29 were in for a disappointment. During his first presentation on the warning systems to supervisors, Emergency Services Manager Christopher Helgren gave no review of what happened …”

Where is the public outcry and outrage? Why aren’t public officials being made to account for their actions? Why aren’t two public officials whose conscious act to not activate the emergency alert system being fired and prosecuted for negligent homicide?

People died because emergency services staff decided not to activate an emergency alert system designed specifically for emergencies such as the October firestorm.

People who could have evacuated in an orderly manner with some of their treasured photos and valuables instead raced out of burning homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Yet nothing is being done. Where is the public outrage? When will something be done?


Santa Rosa

Owning the grid

EDITOR, Regarding Julie North’s letter (“Profiting from disaster,” Sunday), I have a clarification. Sonoma Clean Power generates electricity for most of Sonoma and Mendocino counties, while PG&E maintains the poles, wires and substations for all electric customers in our area.

That arrangement has helped cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50 percent while saving more than $70 million on customer bills, but it hasn’t changed the ownership or management of the wires in the grid. That part stays the same as always.


CEO, Sonoma Clean Power

Democratic corruption

EDITOR: A dossier is a collection of documents about a person. As we have just learned, a dossier funded by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign was used to secure a surveillance warrant on Donald Trump’s campaign staff. This is a clear abuse of the legal processes put in place to protect the American people. It’s also another example of corruption in the Democratic Party.

In 2013, under Barack Obama, thousands of emails from IRS executive Lois Lerner went missing. Why? Because they reveal the targeting of conservative groups for tax audits and delays in providing nonprofit certificates.

Then you have Clinton, running for president, destroying 33,000 emails. Did those emails discuss this dossier or the rumored Benghazi coverup? Both and more? Clinton will never let Americans know.

Last year, we had Donna Brazile, a former Democratic National Committee chairwoman, confess that the primary was rigged for Clinton to win and Bernie Sanders to lose. Wow. I don’t remember something like that being legitimate in my high school U.S. history class.

So now we hear about surveillance abuses by the Democrats. This fits the crooked pattern we’ve seen. With 72 million registered Democrats in the U.S., could this be the largest corrupt group in the world?


Rohnert Park

Train crashes

EDITOR: Our dear, illustrious leader lies about anything and everything and takes credit for all good things, while blaming and accusing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for all the ills of the earth. He has claimed credit for the dearth of airline fatalities. Why has he allowed a rash of train wrecks to take American lives? Maybe Fox News hasn’t mentioned them, or he missed a briefing or two or three. Covfefe. Sad. Thank God, Allah, Buddha, Zoroaster that he is saving good, clean coal and making America great again. What a joke.


Santa Rosa

A SpaceX statement

EDITOR: The SpaceX launch brought me to tears (“Ambitious SpaceX aims for the stars,” Wednesday). How wonderful that our country has embraced and developed this incredible technology.

For years, we were told, through the press, that the U.S. lagged behind other countries when technology was measured. Tuesday’s launch eclipsed those observations. Completely.

Thank you, SpaceX, NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration. God bless the USA. Full speed ahead.



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