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Groundwater fees

EDITOR: Want to charge well users for groundwater? Why not sink wells and put us in line and sell us the water?

We would gladly give up well maintenance fees, anxieties over county-approved event centers, hotels and other big users that have drained some areas around Sebastopol dry.

We will pay for metered water like the city folks. In fact, years ago (1997), we attempted to get a plan to pipe wastewater for agricultural use to west county, but it was put to private use.



A matter of public health

EDITOR: Your editorial made some very good points about why all children should be vaccinated (“To end outbreaks, tighten vaccine exemption rules,” Wednesday). For that, I and most others thank you.

However, at the end you said that those parents who oppose vaccinations can homeschool their children. But that still leaves the rest of us at risk, especially babies who are too young to be vaccinated, those who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons and the elderly.

Homeschooled children don’t stay home 24/7. They can expose others at the library, grocery stores, playgrounds or doctors’ office waiting rooms, as has happened in Oregon, and at Disneyland.

The evidence is clear, so all should be vaccinated, and that local psychiatrist who is writing letters for parents to exempt their children from the required vaccinations should be compelled to justify his reckless disregard for the public health.



Paying taxes and fees

EDITOR: I woke up one recent morning and went to my favorite home improvement center. The people were able to assist me because my property and sales taxes paid for their high school education and, perhaps, retraining when previous jobs went the way of buggy whip manufacturers.

Filling up my car, I was happy that my gas taxes paid for the roads and other taxes paid for automobile safety gear and testing. I paid my telephone, TV and utility bills and was thankful that the added fees ensure that my home and my neighbors get hooked up to these services. It wouldn’t make sense for these providers to pay for miles of cable to country homes without these use taxes assisting.

I paid my state and federal taxes, which pay for enforcement of clean air and water laws, law enforcement, the military and science research.

I’ve heard that our aquifer is being depleted. I hope we don’t end up like the Central Valley where some towns no longer have clean water. I’m glad we started the process of regulating wells and that people using water from our aquifer are paying something for it.

Did you ever wonder how you’d build roads, keep yourself safe or pay for teachers without some portion of your earnings going toward services that are better purchased in bulk than individually?



Demonizing Gelhaus

EDITOR: Once again, The Press Democrat has demonized sheriff’s Sgt. Eric Gelhaus by printing in a big headline at the top of the page: “County releases Lopez records.” After all this time and having been found not guilty, wouldn’t you think it’s time to downplay that incident?

Don’t you think that Gelhaus’ actions have weighed on him and his family? Wouldn’t you think that every encounter he has causes him to pause and second think his actions?

Gelhaus didn’t start his day thinking he was going to be involved in a shooting. He went to work and was assigned a training mission with a new deputy, not even considering he would have to discharge his weapon during his tour of duty.

Wasn’t Andy Lopez warned about going out in public with that replica, and didn’t he choose to ignore the warnings? We will never know why Andy went forward with that simulated weapon, but he now isn’t the only one who has paid the ultimate price for doing to.

Please, stop making this a big issue. Many people have been hurt by what happened, and the pain will linger for a long time, so let’s quit pouring salt in the open wound.



Lock up the pot

EDITOR: With the legalization of marijuana, a new problem is starting. Children are getting ill/hurt from easy access to it at home. Just like a gun needs to be locked up if children are in a home, we need a similar law for marijuana.

Penalties for adults who don’t comply should be similar to those who allow access to guns to minors. Keep our children and their friends safe by not allowing access.



Impeachment for tweets?

EDITOR: Can a president be impeached on the substance of tweets alone? A tweet is a very powerful public statement when it comes from the president of the United States. President Donald Trump should be totally accountable for every outrageous tweet he has made since his inauguration in January 2017.

His recent tweets essentially encouraging the assassination of Rep. Ilhan Omar and his tweets about John McCain, degrading a recently deceased war hero and longtime public servant, have by themselves risen to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors.

Anyone who isn’t outraged by just these two barrages of morally corrupt public statements is letting politics get in the way of justice and human decency. Anything less than impeachment is a moral outrage and further embarrassment to the United States in the watching eyes of the world and our own decent citizens.



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