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For a moderate GOP

EDITOR: I agree with Moira Jacobs’ letter arguing that one-party government is a bad thing (“Failings of one-party rule,” Thursday). She urges us to vote Republican to create competition. This is a good point, but the California Republican Party follows the platform of the national Republican Party, which opposes women’s reproductive rights, gay rights, transgender rights, even minority rights.

Try moderation. Try bucking the national party. Go back to the conservative and libertarian ideas of the original GOP, not far-right ideas of the modern GOP. Maybe then Californians will vote Republican. It would help to denounce the racist statements about Latino people.

Richard Nixon couldn’t even get through the primaries these days. Too liberal. And forget about Dwight Eisenhower or even the two Bushes. George W. Bush tried to reform the immigration system and was shot down by Republicans in Congress. Return to reasonableness, and maybe people would vote Republican.



Public banks save money

EDITOR: Thomas Schiff, in his denunciation of AB 857 (“No public bank,” Letters, Tuesday), parrots the standard misrepresentations propagated by private banking interests.

Contrary to Schiff’s claim, public banks aren’t engaged in individual customer services and aren’t subject to the same competitive risks and costs as private commercial banks. As wholesale banks, they partner with community banks and credit unions to facilitate small-business lending, as well as providing low-cost credit to governmental entities to finance crucial public projects, such as affordable housing and disaster relief. Their success is defined by their cost-effective contributions to the public good.

The widely admired success of our own public electric utility, Sonoma Clean Power, gives the lie to Schiff’s knee-jerk claim that government agencies automatically bleed money. Sonoma Clean Power is the model of responsible governmental management that we should be emulating as we move to establish a regional public bank.

Currently, Sonoma County and its municipalities are paying millions of dollars in fees and debt servicing to Wall Street megabanks. That money should be repurposed to capitalize a public bank where our governmental accounts could be housed.

Santa Rosa’s City Council has now joined the long list of AB 857 supporters. We urge discerning readers to follow suit.


Friends of Public Banking Santa Rosa

An incomplete job

EDITOR: I’m confused about the thought processes behind repaving the portion of Fulton Road from Occidental Road to West Third Street and not continuing the additional quarter-mile or less to West College Avenue.

Now, mind you, I’m thrilled that the work is being done, and so is my car. I don’t even care about having to contend with detours for a few months. But the small section from West Third to West College should be done as well. When the work is complete, you’ll have a smooth ride to West Third, then pot holes and bumps to West College and smooth again from there to Guerneville Road.

I’m shaking my head here. Someone please clue me in.


Santa Rosa

Climate misconceptions

EDITOR: Two misunderstandings about climate change exist people’s minds. First, an average 2-degree Celsius temperature increase doesn’t mean everywhere experiences the average increase.

Polar regions warm faster and other places more slowly. Lost polar ice causes “arctic amplification,” where greenhouse gases are released from warming tundra, and the sunlight reflection from ice is lost, leading to jet stream disruptions and more severe weather events.

Sea level rise likewise isn’t like a filling bathtub. Scientists just reported that Greenland’s ice loss is accelerating, but the ocean there drops because of reduced gravity from the ice mass. Geography, wind and currents cause some places, such as Miami and Chesapeake Bay, to flood more severely.

So if you imagine a bit warmer weather is fine, understand that the effects in coming years will mainly be ever greater weather and so will flooding disasters, droughts and king tides.



Look inside for chief

EDITOR: I think we’ve done pretty well since selecting Tom Schwedhelm from our local police force to be Santa Rosa police chief, followed by Hank Schreeder, who is soon to retire. I hope that the city keeps this in mind as they interview candidates for our next police chief.

I think our local management team has provided excellent leadership generally, and I strongly believe local experience matters in our community. Best wishes to the chief in his retirement, and I hope that promotion from within has become a trend that will continue.


Santa Rosa

Statement of values

EDITOR: I have to take exception to Carole Galeazzi’s letter in which she states that the financial benefits of the Bohemian Club are a win-win situation for the county (“Bohemians and business,” Thursday). Yes, profits matter. But surely the values we live by matter more. By adhering to those values, we teach our children how to grow into responsible adulthood. That’s also how we support a thriving, inclusive and strong sense of community among ourselves. And, in the end, it’s those values that form the basis of how we judge ourselves as individuals. I will always urge our elected officials to do the right thing and act, first and foremost, according to their conscience. In my mind, that’s their “duly elected job.”



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