Best Medical Marijuana Dispensary: Peace in Medicine

Peace in Medicine was voted the best medical marijuana dispensary in Sonoma County by voters in the Press Democrat's Best of Sonoma County Awards. (photo by John Burgess/The Press Democrat)


If you expect pot-smoking hippies, tie-dyed decor and an “anything goes” attitude at Peace in Medicine medical marijuana dispensaries — one in Sebastopol, another in Santa Rosa — you’ll be surprised. Spotlessly clean, with attractive but utilitarian furniture and a courteously professional staff, the dispensaries resemble any other mainstream medical clinic.

That’s one reason Peace in Medicine is so popular, says Mitcho Thompson, the group’s community liaison.

“People who come here feel like they’re going to a doctor or pharmacy — not like they’re doing something shady or illegal,” he said. “We treat our patients with respect.”

He also said that “patients also like that we’re a grass-roots, community-based healing center with a focus on advocacy, education and helping people understand their health options.” The result? Peace in Medicine offers free classes and workshops in Sebastopol, including peer counseling and self-hypnosis.

Peace in Medicine was founded in Sebastopol in 2007 by Robert Jacob, who had earlier worked with HIV-positive and homeless youth. Six years later, in 2013, he became the town’s mayor and the first mayor in the nation running a medical marijuana business.

The dispensaries’ large selection includes many different types and strains of cannabis.

“We keep it affordable and effective,” Thompson said. “We test it; we know it’s safe. People can inhale it by smoking or vaporization, use it as topical oils or ointments, delicious edibles or pills in capsules. After a patient explains their needs, the staff recommends particular dosages, strains and delivery methods that help achieve relief.”